Re:View – ‘During The Storm’

Even though I became a Hispanophile a few years back, I always enjoy Spanish language films more than other world cinema because they tell new stories so well in the form of popular dramas, comedies, SF, suspense – in other words, everyday cinema. Rather as Hollywood was in the 1980s, Spanish cinema is unembarrassed about […]

Avengers Dissembled

(Tortuously spoiler free) Let’s assume for the sake of this article that Avengers: Endgame is terrific entertainment and take it from there, shall we? Normal likes/ dislikes can be resumed after. You either know the stats by now or don’t care. ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is over 3 hours long, cost $400,000,000 to make and covered its cost […]

Gomorrah Never Dies

So, finishing up our Italian week, there’s this. For over two decades I watched no TV at all. I was running a company , working late, writing during every second of spare time. Working at home restored my TV habit a little, thanks to the relaxed structure and better writing of US streamer shows. I […]

Let’s Have Something Italian

I’m off, you lot. It’s Easter, London is going to be ‘hotter than Morocco’ (another unit of measurement) and I’m heading to Herculaneum with some friends, to eat pasta and look at mosaics and watch another series of Gommorah on the way there to put me in the mood. So, here’s Fergie being Italian, from […]

Re:View – ‘US’

Horror films don’t have to make sense; in fact, it’s better if they don’t. Writer-directorJordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ was at its best while it was making everyone uncomfortable about racism and did so in an unexpected way, by making the white liberals appear to be trying hard to say the right thing. Those awkward exchanges […]

An Argument For High Speed Creativity

Last night I had the evening off so I thought I’d catch up with some movies. What would make a good double bill, I wondered. How about the latest releases from Lars Von Trier and Gaspar Noe? Never do an edgy art-house double bill when you’re feeling a bit fed up. I made it to […]

A Song On Sunday

In 1950s Russia young people were suddenly developing chesty coughs. They faked them to get X-rays, the results of which were printed on acetate and given to the patients, who then cut them into discs and recorded illegal American rock ‘n’ roll onto them. ‘Hipsters’ (2008) is the story of this underground movement. The film […]

Looking Back At The Movies

So how were the movies for you this year? It was the year of the Issue Picture, from the delightful ‘Black Panther’, although based on a sixties comic, to ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’, a moving family drama – the link here being people of colour getting out of the sidelights and into front-centre. There […]

Those English Films: Your Comments

Some excellent choices came out of the ‘Most English Films’ list, and prompted me to further thoughts. ‘Seance on a Wet Afternoon’ and ‘The Whisperers’ would make a great (if dismal) double bill, and make me suspect we could include any English film with a John Barry score. ‘Little Malcolm’ is a trudge, although I […]

The Most English Films Ever Made

Last night I finished the second draft of my thriller ‘The Villa’, and to relax watched ‘The Little Stranger’, based on the Sarah Waters novel of class and ghosts. Stripped of her fine writing, what’s left is a beautifully photographed, inert British film of mannequin poses, cut-glass accents, falling rain and damp rooms. The book […]