H-H-H-He’s Back

Sometimes it’s best not to revisit favourite old books, films and TV shows, but my eidetic mind requires that I keep a catalogue of everything that has influenced me – then ideally alphabetise it in storage boxes. Let’s not go there. One’s attitude to these favourite things can change over time. The comedian Tony Hancock, […]

Ad Astra: Lost In Space

No Spoilers As one critic said; ‘Brad Pitt. In space. You got me.’ And so it would seem. The Venice Film Festival adored James Gray’s space epic, the first serious SF film out of the gate in a long while, although there were rumblings of discontent. Now, having seen it and heard Gray talking about […]

Collecting The Obsolete

I have a terrifying film collection, cobbled together over a quarter of a century of working in the film business, including hundreds of rarities and a lot of very obscure British movies, and now it’s all obsolete. Or is it? With the swapping of DVDs for Blu-rays a collectors’ market has been created. But most […]

Favourite Soundtracks No 4.

What’s that? You don’t remember Favourite Soundtracks 1, 2 and 3? Just run a search and you’ll find this was a series I started in 2015 and then…just forgot about. Film scores have always interested me because they ameliorate narrative. Some composers overpower visuals (John Williams, Michael Nyman), others are too generic (sign of a […]

The Brilliance Dims: Richard Williams Dies

When he died, he had just finished a full day’s work. He was 86, and living in Bristol, although he had been born in Canada. He was one of my true heroes, and I’d had the great pleasure of meeting him several times. Back in the 1960s, on the north side of London’s Soho Square, […]

Cool Shorts 1

I’ve a packed work-day today and have no time to write an article, but here’s something I’ve been meaning to post for about 10 years. If you haven’t seen it before, stay to the end. I may post other shorts I admire…

Hunting Season On Films?

Today’s entertainment news concerns the Blumhouse arm of Universal and their film ‘The Hunt’, in which 12 red-state American strangers wake up in a clearing and realise they’re being hunted by liberals. The hunted are gun-toting NRA types who find themselves being chased for sport. It’s the latest reworking of ‘The Most Dangerous Game’, a […]

‘Midsommar’ And The Rise Of Folk Horror

It must be frustrating for Adam Scovell. Having written a fascinating and insightful volume called ‘Folk Horror: Hours Dreadful and Things Strange’, along has come the mother of all films folk-horrorish. Folk horror has always existed in some form or another, from spots where runic symbols are carved to rural areas of supposed mystical significance. […]

Review: ‘Years And Years’ Full Series

It’s as subtle as a chucked brick but somebody needed to say this out loud, not give us another analogy. Russell T Davies is, of course, A Good Thing. He’s been a driving force for clever, touching TV drama for so long that he’s become a national treasure, but don’t think he’s gone soft. His […]

The Monday Song

Sorry, today you get a song because I took the day off! I worked until 2:00am and as it was a glorious morning thought I should get a long walk in. Later in the week there’ll be books, wordcraft, London, film, all the usual subjects, but now… What is it about musicals set in Scotland […]