‘Midsommar’ And The Rise Of Folk Horror

It must be frustrating for Adam Scovell. Having written a fascinating and insightful volume called ‘Folk Horror: Hours Dreadful and Things Strange’, along has come the mother of all films folk-horrorish. Folk horror has always existed in some form or another, from spots where runic symbols are carved to rural areas of supposed mystical significance. […]

Review: ‘Years And Years’ Full Series

It’s as subtle as a chucked brick but somebody needed to say this out loud, not give us another analogy. Russell T Davies is, of course, A Good Thing. He’s been a driving force for clever, touching TV drama for so long that he’s become a national treasure, but don’t think he’s gone soft. His […]

The Monday Song

Sorry, today you get a song because I took the day off! I worked until 2:00am and as it was a glorious morning thought I should get a long walk in. Later in the week there’ll be books, wordcraft, London, film, all the usual subjects, but now… What is it about musicals set in Scotland […]

The Rise Of Folk Horror

Lately a wealth of film footage has been restored and returned to cinemas, especially by the BFI, and in the light of British film’s ever-increasing financial instability it seems a good option for young filmmakers to mix existing footage into new forms. Terence Davies did it with ‘Of Time and the City’, about Liverpool, and […]

Re:View – ‘Rocketman’

Dexter Fletcher started out as an actor in blokey British gangster films and appeared in around 100 before turning director. When he was pulled in to sort out the mess of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ he once again showed his instinctive understanding of how music works. Queen never struck me as being particularly interesting or talented beyond […]

The Friday Song

I’m off to see ‘Rocketman’ tonight. I have a long history with Elton John. To me he’s like the Queen – he’s always been there in my life. The first album I bought was ‘Friends’, for which he wrote the score – and I think ‘Your Song’ came from it. The first rock concert I […]

The Multiverse Of Mr Ezban

I have limited interest in the Academy Awards (in hindsight their choices are often dubious) and tend to prefer Cannes for the wealth of world cinema it chucks up each year. So I’m desperate to see this year’s winner, South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’, about a poor family of tricksters who find jobs with […]

Re:View – ‘During The Storm’

Even though I became a Hispanophile a few years back, I always enjoy Spanish language films more than other world cinema because they tell new stories so well in the form of popular dramas, comedies, SF, suspense – in other words, everyday cinema. Rather as Hollywood was in the 1980s, Spanish cinema is unembarrassed about […]

Avengers Dissembled

(Tortuously spoiler free) Let’s assume for the sake of this article that Avengers: Endgame is terrific entertainment and take it from there, shall we? Normal likes/ dislikes can be resumed after. You either know the stats by now or don’t care. ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is over 3 hours long, cost $400,000,000 to make and covered its cost […]

Gomorrah Never Dies

So, finishing up our Italian week, there’s this. For over two decades I watched no TV at all. I was running a company , working late, writing during every second of spare time. Working at home restored my TV habit a little, thanks to the relaxed structure and better writing of US streamer shows. I […]