The Arts

The London Nobody Knows

Well, a lot of people know it now because ‘The London Nobody Knows’, a documentary released as a B feature in 1967, has been frequently shown on TV, but it’s just been put out as part of a new DVD box set called ‘The London Collection’. It’s a bit of a motley assortment of films, […]

Rabbit In Your Headlights

A reminder of the powerful Jonathan Glazer music video for UNKLE’s ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights’,starring Denis Lavant. Glazer’s an interesting British director who seems to have vanished…

Film Freak No.1

I was working out which movie to present at the gig I’ve been offered next month, and started wondering why certain truly deranged movies don’t appear on UK DVDs. One which came up several times was this outrageous US TV-film of ‘Reefer Madness’, which is a musical version of the old thirties monochrome shocker about […]

Camden Goes Mod

An impromptu mod scooter parade through Camden on Saturday reminded me that the town always was, and always will be, the home of Madness rather than Amy Winehouse (whose horse face is emblazoned on the side of a market stall). This coffee stall is typical in what I identify as Camden-Mod style. So I thought […]

The French Films You Never See In London

Not every French film is about an angsty bourgeois family being sarcastic and shagging in a chateau. There are lots of action movies teeming with product placement and stupid car chases that we simply don’t see. This is one of my favourites. In ‘Le Boulet’ our hero has to retrieve a winning lottery ticket from […]

Hell Train Arriving!

I’ve always had a great love of horror films and books, and although it’s early days here’s a sneak preview of a project I’ve been working on for some time, courtesy of master horror artist Graham Humphreys. Hell Train should be roaring into the station early next year…

Make A Short Film Without Paying For It

In a gesture of Easter magnanimity I’ve decided that, for a limited time only, anyone who wants to can have make a short film from one of my stories FOR FREE. All you have to do is tell me which story you want to film, take it, adapt it, do whatever you like with it, […]

Time To Dance

Watching Stewart Lee recently reminded me that he was involved with ‘Jerry Springer – The Opera’, which was picketed on tours by a rabid minority possessing a minimal grasp of Judeo-Christian theology (who had usually not seen the production). They give a series of rather disturbing dead-eyed interviews online which you may find more harmful […]

Chasing Sheep

I always write with music playing. Today I’m hard at work on the new Bryant & May mystery when I’d rather be out in the sunshine, so I need some Michael Nyman to keep me going. I’ve seen Mr Nyman perform this piece many times live, and sometimes it gets to such a speed that […]

The Musical Horror Continues….

A friend has tracked down another nightmarish Meat-skewer-through-the-eardrum track from the Portsmouth Sinfonia. Play here