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The Return Of British SF

I can’t remember the last time I had to grab a single seat in a cinema because it was so full, but ‘Moon’ was a sellout this week in London. It seems some audiences may have grown tired of Hollywood films that shout at you between explosions. Sam Rockwell deserves some kind of major award […]


Further to my ‘Murder Most French’ piece (further down the page), as well as being denied France’s postmodern Agatha Christie movies, we lose out on 90% of all French action movies. The Spanish subtitle theirs, but the French refuse to, thereby losing all their overseas sales. Go figure. One popular series, 0SS 117, has surfaced […]

Murder Most French

The French have a love affair with certain aspects of Englishness. They film and stage Alan Ayckbourn’s plays, and for some while now have been producing graphic novels and films of Agatha Christie’s novels. The films have a twist; they’re modernised, topical and much darker and funnier. But, in a move calculated to annoy murder […]

Author With A Happy Ending

Some while back I wrote about trying to track down the author of a wonderful book. She subsequently wrote to me, explained why I had been unable to trace her, and invited me to her home in Spittalfields (the full story features in an upcoming article in The Times). Polly Hope is a visual designer […]

Farewell To Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy

Mollie Sugden, the saving grace of the dismal 70s Britcom ‘Are You Being Served?’ has died at 86. Here, to remember her as she would have wanted – as the butt of some dreadful cheap jokes – is her pussy compilation.

Return To Roofworld

This is a short called Samparkour, by Wiland Pinsdorf, revealing the city of Sao Paulo via Parkour. If the sport had existed when I’d written ‘Roofworld’, I would definitely have included it in the book. I sometimes go and watch the kids do it at the South Bank, but this is amazing. Perhaps one day […]

Bruno Update: Breeding New Homophobes

Hadley Freeman in the Guardian leads the postmodern liberal backlash (despite her protestations to the contrary) saying that ‘Bruno’ is about homophobia, not making fun of difference. Unfortunately, she entirely misses the point, which is that its target audience (admitted by Universal and Baron-Cohen) is teen males, who don’t and won’t see through the gross […]

Film Freak No.3: Noir

My other half won’t watch old movies, as if their age somehow invalidates them, but I love ’em. The great noir thrillers often clocked in at around 65 minutes, but boy, they packed in wit, ingenuity, bad attitude and style. In most horror or crime films the criminals know they’re guilty, but in a noir […]

Lo-Fi Fun

The ever-vigilant Ian Alexander Martin of Atomic Fez Publishing sends me this excellent lo-fi vid ‘Her Morning Elegance’ by Oren Lavie, and it makes a perfect accompaniment to the animated Post-It note video that was going around a short while ago.

Film Freak No.2 Top Ten Ingenious Films

If there’s one word movies are afflicted with, it’s ‘edgy’. Why does everything have to be edgy? What does it mean; liable to get you thrown in jail? Or just young and a bit sweary? When directors tell me their next movie is going to be really edgy I always assume they’re still trying to […]