Great Britain

Advice For The New Dark Ages


Imagine a world governed by these rules: Your first child will always be a girl. Illness can be cured by urinating on a loaf and feeding it to your dog. Tying a bell on an ox stops it from beng struck by lightning. The wearing of a gold earring prevents eye complaints. Curses can never […]

A Very English Way Of Doing Things

Jeremy Thorpe 2_thumb[1]

So Britain is to have another election – hardly any surprise there, as the current leader of the opposition is a phantom who has all but destroyed Labour’s core voter base. Jeremy Corbyn is a career politician with the magnetic presence of a retired postman and is unable to make a stand for or against […]

My English Is Not Your English


As proof that the English language is always changing, in the British Library, the Evolving English WordBank now contains 1,500 contributions to date, many of which are dialect words. This is a system that records new words or old dialect ones from the public, but it turns out that some in current use have a […]

The Leekfrith Torcs


A pair of detectorists gave up their hobby after repeatedly returning empty-handed, then, two decades after they had tried to find treasure in a field in Staffordshire, they came across  four Iron Age gold torcs; three collars and a bracelet-sized piece, including two made of twisted gold wire, two with trumpet shaped finials and one with […]

Meet The Neo-Victorians


In order to research my next novel, I’m having to recall a time I don’t remember. It’s set in September 1969 at the end of flower power and freedom, when Charles Manson was stealing headlines from the first man on the moon. I was at school and out of the loop for the whole Swinging […]

Stories Set In Country Houses


The 2018 Bryant & May novel will be set in a country house, as I thought it was high time I gave Agatha Christie a bit of a going over. Adrian Tinniswood’s excellent book ‘The Long Weekend’, on life between the wars in the English country house was a big help here, because he describes […]

Another Part of Britain Plans To Split

Craggie Island

They could be anywhere this winter, these fifth columnists. You have to remember that they look like us, all warm and liberal in their patterned ‘hygge’ woollen gloves and trendy sneakers, until you find out that they voted Brexit. Or worse. At a dinner party the other night we were told of friends whose children […]

A Merry Christmas To All My Readers


Here’s more Christmas cheer for you from today’s papers. Some of it may be apocryphal, ie. from the Daily Telegraph. London is on high alert for a terror attack. I live 500 yards from its epicentre. Apparently there’s ‘Christmas weather travel chaos’ as storms batter Britain. Not in London. Of course we can’t get anywhere […]

Hygge 3: Victorian-Style


It’s been said that when future generations look back at this time the British will still be considered Victorians rather than New Elizabethans, as we were called at school. It’s not hard to see why. Elizabeth II’s monarchy has had very little connection with the political parties compared to Victoria’s. The majority of our city […]

Hygge 1: What’s the British Equivalent?


You can’t get away from hygge in the London bubble; it’s in shops, in books, at dinner parties, everywhere at once. If you’ve experienced hygge you’ll know it’s a simple pleasure. For those who’ve been living away from the chattering classes this winter, hygge is a Danish word describing a feeling or mood that comes from enjoying […]