Bryant and May

Bryant & May US-Style

The latest cover art for ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’ made me laugh – the US style wouldn’t work here because it would signal everything from St Trinian’s to Nigel Molesworth, but it’s perfect for the US. Equally, the UK covers wouldn’t work in America because they’re suggestive of English railway carriage art and […]

New Readers Start Here…

As it’s a new year, I thought I’d give anyone visiting these pages for the first time a little help. I’ve written many different kinds of novels and short stories (my next book is a memoir), but the Bryant & May books are a series of mystery novels set in London, charting the lives of […]

More Bryant & May Books?

Yes, I said there would be six novels, and yes, I planned the series accordingly, hiding little tricks and clues in the books to point the way to other volumes. However… The new books have a little twist of their own. The series is going to continue for a while because I have more tales […]

My Favourite Tube Station

I blew them up in it, then moved them out, but it’s still a great little building. Now elderly detectives Arthur Bryant & John May are leaving their offices above Mornington Crescent tube station (pictured below) as the unit is closed down for good…but where will they go? For the benefit of overseas readers, I […]

Spot The Mistake Answer

Okay, time for the answer, as I’m still getting emails asking what is wrong with the picture – the artist put Bryant’s pipe in May’s hand – May doesn’t smoke. The artwork had to be repainted.

Competition Results!

Well, it’s nearly Hallowe’en, so let’s call the competition closed and take a look at those ‘Missing Case’ competition entries… You all came up with cases that Bryant & May would be proud to investigate, but in first place it has to be Maureen Stanton’s The Belles of Westminster, a Peculiar Crime with a smart fifties […]

Revealed – The Next Bryant & May Book

Bryant & May are set to return next year in: ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’   In Which Mr Bryant Hunts A Monster. And Mr May Digs Up Something Ugly. Plot outline: Londoners are losing their heads. In rush-hour King’s Cross, one of the busiest crossing points in Britain, finding a murderer would be a nightmare for […]

The Weird World Of The Tube Olympics

 For much of the first Bryant & May mystery series, my elderly detectives worked on the first floor of Mornington Crescent tube station. What they may not have known was that since 1960, people have been attempting the break the world record for visiting all 273 tube stations in one go. The earliest record was […]

Bryant & May On The Loose

Details about the plot of the seventh Bryant & May mystery can now be found by clicking on their page, top right, and scrolling down. Obviously it’s early days yet, but the book is finished and delivered, and I’m very happy to be back with the old geezers.

Hear Bryant & May now…

‘The Victoria Vanishes’ is making an appearance unabridged (hurrah!) on audio books now (CDs) A nifty new cover, and the ever excellent Tim Goodman reading to you while you’re tucked up in the warm, watching the rain course down the windows in this typical British summer.   These audio books are ideal to listen to […]