Bryant and May

Politics And Mr Bryant

B&M 16 WC

Like all authors, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I read some of my Amazon reviews, and the other day one surprised me. A reader said she was going to stop reading the books because Arthur Bryant was ‘a mouthpiece for (my) politics’. It’s surprising for three reasons; first, nobody really knows what […]

The Park Gates Are Open!


‘Bryant & May: Wild Chamber’ is here at last – it’s my biggest B&M novel and took a little longer to write than usual because of the huge amount of research I did. However I ended up discarding about 80% of it, something I nearly always do. Not every novel has a lot of research, […]

Bryant & May Covers – You Choose

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Do books (and book covers) have to reflect our lives as they’re lived right now? I never really intended my detectives to become topical avatars, but it’s hard not to mirror the times in which we live. In a future book I’ll be looking at the state of the nation, but for 2018’s novel I’ll […]

‘Strange Tide’ US-Style Is Out Today!


‘Is there anyone else in the crime genre currently writing anything as entertainingly off-the-wall as Christopher Fowler’s Bryant and May series? Fowler eschews all recognisable genres, though the cases for his detective duo have resonances of the darker corners of British Golden Age fiction. And if you aren’t already an aficionado – and have a […]

Inside The Peculiar Crimes Unit


The very Christmassy paperback featuring Bryant & May’s first collection of missing cases, ‘London’s Glory’, is out now, a snip at £8.99. It contains this Eagle-style cutaway by Keith Page, age 14, Upper 4B, along with an introductory essay on crime fiction and all kinds of surprises. Buy it for a relative you wish to […]

Arthur & Alma At Breakfast

Merry PCU Xmas!

Sometimes when I’m writing the Bryant & May mysteries I forget the sheer amount of conversational detail that has gone before in earlier novels, so today I selected a chapter at random and read it back, to see if the characters had shifted away from where I intended them to be – I’m delighted to […]

Autumn Schedule: London Insights


  As summer ends I’ll shortly be heading home and spending some time with something I need to catch up on: London. There are a few experiences in the city that I haven’t tried for a while, so I’ll be visiting institutions, tourist attractions and secret places to see what London in the Phoney War […]

Are Bryant & May Becoming Fashionable?

burning man

An article in today’s Observer by Sarah Hughes staggered me a bit this morning. Newspapers love to look for two snowstorms and suggest the next big thing will be the Ice Age, but the idea that ‘cosies’ are the hot new thing (nice coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s first book) is a […]

The ‘Wild Chamber’ of London parks


Certain geographical factors determine our creative lives. When you travel around Figueres in Northern Spain you quickly see why Salvador Dali painted in ambers and ochres; it’s in the landscape all over the area. Whole views look exactly like his paintings. Writers often explore the issues that surround staying or leaving a hometown to head […]

The New Bryant & May

B&M 16 WC

This is the cover of the new Bryant & May novel, out in May, and here’s the full synopsis: BRYANT & MAY 15: WILD CHAMBER In which Mr May Takes A Walk In The Park And Mr Bryant Gets Lost In The Wilderness   Our story begins at the end of an investigation, as the […]