Bryant and May

What Can I Call Bryant & May Fans?

Perfect match

It all started with a marketing campaign for ‘Glee’ and the creation of a fanbase known as ‘Gleeks’. Soon enough Sherlock Holmes had his (somewhat dubious) ‘Cumberbitches’ and Dexter had his ‘Dexheads’. So when a friend asked me ‘What do your fans call themselves, then?’ I answered, ‘Personally I’m just grateful to have any at […]

Strange Thames


I’m not always able to use up all the research I do on my books – the novels would become dry tomes indeed if they just consisted of wall-to-wall facts (cf. Dorothy L Sayers’ ‘The Nine Taylors, with more info on campanology than anyone could ever want). So a lot gets left out. Next year […]

Attempting The Impossible

B&M Jubilee

When you write stand-alone novels, they live or die on their believability, their premise, their atmosphere, and the trickiest part is getting all the elements in balance first time around (there’s usually no second chance for a standalone, although John Fowles rewrote ‘The Magus’). With a series, if you’re lucky and it doesn’t damage sales, […]

First Look at London’s Glory

B&MLG Cover

On November 5th, ‘Bryant & May: London’s Glory’ comes out in hardback to coincide with the paperback release of ‘The Burning Man’ – which is set on Guy Fawkes Night (see what Transworld did there?). It’s a book I’d been meaning to write since Volume 10 of the series, a sort of Conan Doyle-ish compendium […]

Bryant & May And The Missing Genre

Bleeding Heart: No Type

‘Choose one style of writing and stick with it,’ I was told many years ago by an editor. Naturally I ignored her and continued to plough a lonely furrow between every possible known genre, starting with my very first fiction novel ‘Roofworld’ (SF? Fantasy? Urban Drama? Thriller? Satire?) through ‘Spanky’ (Thriller? Satire? Bromance? Supernatural?) to […]

What Bryant & May Did Next

B&M ghosthunting

Cats, eh? They just won’t stay in bags. After my day-long online Q&A over at GoodReads the other day, I think I let slip a little more than I intended about the future of Bryant & May. The main question I kept being hit with was; ‘What are you going to do now that you’ve […]

A Puzzle From Bryant & May


Sometimes I hide things in books (I don’t mean as my mother did, once using a haddock bone as a bookmark). I do this largely for my own amusement (it turns out), and in ‘The Burning Man’ I did something I’ve never done before – I added an homage. I thought it was pretty obvious, […]

Why Mr Bryant Loves Gilbert & Sullivan


Is there anything more unfashionable than admitting to liking Gilbert & Sullivan? In this day and age, who would still listen to the work of two fusty gentlemen who lived over a century ago, who are routinely dismissed by classical music lovers as being of no interest or importance? And what’s their attraction for my […]

Bryant & May Today – And For Christmas

5.white corridor copy

Alma rose and tidied away the tea things. ‘Why don’t you get your mind off all this morbidity? Come to church with me this evening.’             ‘You never give up, do you? I’m not that desperate for something to do,’ Arthur Bryant replied, dusting crumbs from his stained waistcoat. ‘Besides, I remember what happened the […]

Well, Here’s A Surprise!


So you thought I’d got rid of them… This Thursday sees the publication of ‘Bryant & May: The Burning Man’, my twelfth novel in this series – but it won’t be the last. This coming Christmas there’s actually going to be a brand-new SECOND Bryant & May book in a single year, and it caught […]