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Free Bryant & May card now with USA postal size!

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Many here will know a gentleman named Snowy who we regard as a FOTS*, often turning up in the comments column. Now it seems he has revealed his Blue Peter side and tapped his inner John Noakes (someone explain this to our overseas friends) and armed himself with sticky-back plastic and an eggbox in order […]

My Bumper Spring Of Publications

B&M15 ST

Due to a slight miscommunication with my publisher it seems that the mass market edition of ‘Bryant & May and the Burning Man’ is appearing on February 25th, just before the hardback arrival of ‘Bryant & May: Strange Tide’, the detectives’ mystery concerning strange deaths on the Thames, and the novel which will solve the […]

Burning & Glorious Today!

the burning man

So, what happened was this. Wrote a Bryant & May novel called ‘Full Dark House’. Had it rejected by Little, Brown (Little, Brown bought z-celeb biography for a mint instead, lost shirt) Took book to Transworld. They liked it, commissioned two. Those broke even, so they commissioned another. (Repeat another eight times) Published ‘The Burning […]

‘The Burning Man’ & ‘London’s Glory’ Arrive Next Week!


Occasionally on this site you have to endure a spot of advertising. So; the paperback of Bryant & May: The Burning Man and Bryant & May: London’s Glory arrive together on a suitably incendiary night – November the 5th, the latter sporting this mad cutaway drawing of the Peculiar Crimes Unit by Keith Page. There’s […]

Further Secrets Of Bryant & May Part 2


With a collection of Bryant & May’s missing cases out in just over two weeks and a new novel on the horizon, I thought it would be worth taking another look at some of the things I build into the series that perhaps go unnoticed by casual readers. First, when I set out, I had […]

The Next Bryant & May Novel

B&M15 ST

After November 5th’s ‘Bryant & May: London’s Glory’, a selection of missing cases from the Peculiar Crime Unit’s files, there will be a new novel launching on March 26th 2016 called ‘Bryant & May: Strange Tide’. Here’s the outline… The river Thames is London’s most important yet neglected artery. When a young woman is found […]

Further Secrets Of Bryant & May Part 1


Writers don’t always know exactly what they’re doing; the subconscious steps in when the logical brain checks out. It sometimes takes an outsider to see more clearly. I recently received this appraisal of my detective duo on, an erudite site that takes in-depth looks at its particular specialised area of mysteries. In the process, […]

What Can I Call Bryant & May Fans?

Perfect match

It all started with a marketing campaign for ‘Glee’ and the creation of a fanbase known as ‘Gleeks’. Soon enough Sherlock Holmes had his (somewhat dubious) ‘Cumberbitches’ and Dexter had his ‘Dexheads’. So when a friend asked me ‘What do your fans call themselves, then?’ I answered, ‘Personally I’m just grateful to have any at […]

Strange Thames


I’m not always able to use up all the research I do on my books – the novels would become dry tomes indeed if they just consisted of wall-to-wall facts (cf. Dorothy L Sayers’ ‘The Nine Taylors, with more info on campanology than anyone could ever want). So a lot gets left out. Next year […]

Attempting The Impossible

B&M Jubilee

When you write stand-alone novels, they live or die on their believability, their premise, their atmosphere, and the trickiest part is getting all the elements in balance first time around (there’s usually no second chance for a standalone, although John Fowles rewrote ‘The Magus’). With a series, if you’re lucky and it doesn’t damage sales, […]