Bryant and May

Bryant & May On The Beat


Now you see, if I’d been French this little story wouldn’t be here – they’ve just passed a law in France banning all work calls after office hours. But as I don’t have an office and work at the weekends, I wrote this taster for a book that will feature the many forgotten cases of […]

The End Of Bryant & May

B&M on Waterloo Bridge

This week, I reached the final chapter of Bryant & May’s twelfth adventure, ‘The Burning Man’. It was a lovely sunny evening , and a feeling of real satisfaction came over me. I didn’t open a bottle of whisky (never touch the stuff) or have a smoke, but I did have two cups of tea […]

Bryant & May & Me


Yesterday I finished next year’s Bryant & May novel (I have a little tidying up to do, but basically it’s done). I’d been putting in an insane number of hours on the book. I needed to end it then because I was due to have an eye operation, after enduring months of rapidly deteriorating vision […]

Bleeding Hell(o)!


Yes, the hardback of ‘The Bleeding Heart’ is now in my hot ‘n’ stickies, and I’m very excited by the lovely waxy cover and chunky heft of the tome. Tipping in at close to 400 ops, it’s one of the longer entries in the series, and I’m in love with the natty cover. Here’s the […]

Bryant & May Across The Pond

Readers are always asking me; what’s the difference between the two English-language editions of the Bryant & May books, ie. UK and US? The first obvious change is in the covers. America’s artwork is actually created in the UK by Sarah Coleman at Inkymole, and is far more frivolous, although the next cover is taking […]

Bryant & May 11: ‘The Bleeding Heart’ Arrives March 27th

  Writers are always working a year ahead. I’m currently on 2015, but simultaneously proofing the US edition of ‘The Bleeding Heart’, which arrives much earlier here in the UK, on March 27th. The series feels as if it is really evolving now with the plots being driven by the characters, not the other way […]

Quotes From My Non Bryant & May Books No.2:

  This is the from the very first appearance of Bryant & May, long before I thought of giving them a series. They turned up in my second novel, ‘Rune’, and were pretty much fully formed from the start, as you can see here. ‘You can’t possible be serious about retiring, Arthur. Can you honestly […]

The Twelve Quotes Of Bryant & May: No.12

(Mr Arthur Bryant on the subject on carrying on)        ‘You could smarten yourself up a bit. You have new bosses now. It’s important to stay on top of things.’ ‘And how am I supposed to do that at my age?’ cried Bryant indignantly. ‘I’m not fashionable. I’m not technical. I’m not meant […]

The Twelve Quotes of Bryant & May: No. 11

(Another ending) Arthur Bryant went with him, and stayed by his side until the orderly came to take his old friend down for surgery. As John May passed through the doors, he raised his head from the pillow and gave a look back at his great friend that said I know what you’re about, and […]

The Twelve Quotes of Bryant & May: No.10

(Arthur Bryant on ageing) On his way out, he stopped by the concession stand. ‘Can I take one of these?’ he asked, indicating the programmes. ‘I’m a pensioner.’ ‘I’m afraid senior citizens have to pay just like everybody else,’ said the old lady behind the counter. ‘Well I’m also a police officer, so I’m taking […]