Full Dark House

When a bomb devastates the office of London’s most unusual police unit and claims the life of its oldest detective, Arthur Bryant, his surviving partner John May searches for clues to the bomber’s identity. His search takes him back to the day the detectives first met as young men in 1940. In Blitz-ravaged London, a […]

The Devil In Me

A teacher loses a pupil somewhere in the London Underground. A catwalk model reveals the grisly secret of looking good. Sex toys become the instruments of fate. This collection of stories covers all manner of black comedies and dark revelations. ‘Fowler’s imagination is capable of great tenderness, too. Spliced with a narrative restlessness that keeps […]


Kay Goodwin is a 16-year-old boy with a smart mouth and too much imagination. Marooned in the rundown seaside resort of Cole Bay, his life is a horrible comedy of errors that has trapped him in the country’s most dismal place at the worst possible time – the early ’70s. He dreams of escaping the […]


Welcome to Christopher Fowler’s world. A place where people get killed in the most surprising ways. By a cocktail cabinet falling out of the sky. By a box of free-range eggs in a supermarket. By a basket of laundry, by an airline ticket, by the buildings themselves. It’s a world where bizarre horrors and black […]

Soho Black

Matchless detectives Bryant and May return from Christopher Fowler’s Darkest Day, tracking bizarre acts of violence through Soho at the height of a heatwave. Meanwhile two hired killers, one black, one white, swap smart post-Pulp Fiction dialogue and film executive Richard Tyler’s life turns into a nightmare after a very strange visit to the washroom. […]

Personal Demons

A hotel offers a taboo service for its troubled clients, a vampire library attacks its readers, and a young man discovers the cutlery of the Marquis de Sade. Incarceration, incantations, romance, revenge and the end of the world occur in this collection of gothic tales.


Who really controls London? An assignment brings Vincent – permanent student and budding young writer – into the privileged world of Sebastian Wells and the far right Prometheus League. Under the guise of a Victorian gaming society it operates extremist and covert activities. Threatening exposure, Vincent is thrown into a game of life or death. […]


Growing up in Invicta Cross was hell for Billy March. Only his friendship with a disturbed girl saved him from the petty-minded savagery of his neighbours. Ten years later a suburban nightmare evolves as a glamorous couple move in and one by one the neighbours start to disappear. Nobody suspects the smart young newlyweds might […]

Flesh Wounds

Fourteen award-winning new tales in a world where a man can wake up to find that everyone hates him, a farmer can be killed by a falling cocktail cabinet and suicide can be the most exciting thing that ever happened to you. ‘As cool and enjoyable as the beers served in the trendiest bars’ – […]


23-year-old Martyn has a dead-end job, a miserable family, few friends and no love life. Then he meets a Spancialosaphus Lacrimosae, his own personal demon. Spanky’s friendship brings confidence, the good life, a better job, a girlfriend. But Spanky is a demon, and Martyn soon finds out that when you’re handed life on a plate, […]