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Oh, for fuck’s sake.

I admit I get a bit minty occasionally, especially when I think about upcoming scans, which usually reveal C cells creeping over yet more internal organs like London mildew. But yesterday I was in hospital (lovely intubation, ladies, I’ve not a mark showing on me today) and read close to a hundred comments under my last post, especially noting the ones from people who said they’d been going through hard times too and enjoyed the blog. One lady told me she’d been coping with very painful hospital treatment and reading these pieces of scalliwag nonsense had been her only pleasure.

‘What’s in the Picture Book today, children?’*

I caved. I can’t entirely dismiss the feeling that I’m being blackmailed but what can you do? You go on until you stop.

So there’s this. I tend to follow writers through their work. I’ve long been interested in Troy Kennedy Martin, who was the writer of ‘The Italian Job’ and went on to create ‘Edge of Darkness’, the award-winning political nuclear thriller directed by Martin Campbell. So imagine; you’re in the middle of writing a pacy big budget heist thriller and you drop this in. Caine needs an expert electronics man on his team, so he goes to see him. It’s not the sort of scene that usually turns up and I often wonder, was this bit of script improvised? Then I realise that no, it’s Martin just having fun. The second clip proves the point.

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  1. Stu-I-Am says:

    @Helen + Martin. Bond is ‘retired’ (no spoilers from me…) in ‘No Time to Die,’ and his code number has been passed on to Nomi (Lashana Lynch). So it may be the franchise will move on from the actual Bond character. Whether one thinks having a Black woman 007 is ‘woke’ or, recognition that we’re now living in the 21st c. where (surprise!) people of colour and other genders/orientations can provide the same entertainment value, is,of course,a matter of personal opinion (sadly).

  2. Stu-I-Am says:

    @Brooke Yes, do tell. And start with where I stereotyped anyone. Try retuning your antennae, my friend. CF was being facetious and so was I. A jerking knee is not a good look.

  3. Peter+T says:

    Never mind 18-year old, blood thirsty, gay women, why shouldn’t 007 be an old man? That is the character should be old, not just the actor.

    “My name’s Bryant, Arthur Bryant, licensed to … where did I leave my pills?”

  4. Cornelia Appleyard says:

    Not sure that Arthur would see himself as Bond.
    John, on the other hand…. or perhaps it’s Raymondo’s secret ambition.

  5. SteveB says:

    From Russia with Love is a pretty good both book and film imo. I know lots of people here wouldn’t agree with me in that but I really think so.
    As to the future of the franchise, I honestly don’t get why it matters to anyone, other than the owners.

  6. Stu-I-Am says:

    @Peter +T And of course, when asked about sweets, Arthur would reply: ‘Boiled, not pulled.’

  7. Joan says:

    I think if it gets us out of our homes, and let’s us enjoy film with others (safely) that can’t be a bad thing. Also it is one of the rare franchises that appeals to all ages because it has been around for 50 years. I do like the thought of Bryant replying “Boiled, not pulled” Stu!

  8. Stu-I-Am says:

    @Joan I assume Arthur’s code number would be either ‘oh oh,’ or ‘4 Naught.’ Better stop before I hurt myself…

  9. Joan says:

    Or, Oh Dear!

  10. Wayne+Mook says:

    Sorry about the blackmail Admin, the bankers made me do it, actually some big boys did it and ran away, honest.

    Glad to have you back and feeling more mellow and less minty. I’m currently off work and not feeling like doing anything like doing anything, so know the feeling.

    Tried the Winterberry and fizz crisps from M&S with edible gold stars, they taste more like salt and balsamic vinegar with a sour raspberry taste, they are quite nice but not in the same league as Tortilla chocolate cinnamon, which they had run out of.

    Bond is a fixer of problems (not a spy) that are already known or at least part known and sometime enforcer, I’d say it results at any price and he is a misanthrope, the treatment of men is shocking, even friends. As to female characters Moneypenny, Lois Maxwell, was 3 years older than Connery, same age as Moore and over a decade older than Lazenby. The morality and feel is like that of war time espionage, not pleasant and quite desperate in many ways. As to the Bond persona, the original Casino Royale (one of those messy 60s comedies) has both male and female Bonds and a variety of nationalities, so I’m afraid the Bond cannon has already scatted Bond willy-nilly.


  11. Erik Deckers says:

    The first scene was rather frustrating but I was laughing at it by about the fifth line. When they got to Annette, I wasn’t sure if Ms. Peach meant “a net” or “Annette,” and I couldn’t wait to see which it was.

    I’ll have to watch this film now.

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