A Disruption To Your Usually Fine Service


Advance warning for an approaching problem; regular readers will know that this summer was especially challenging for me. Unfortunately the pandemic delayed my scans by several months in the autumn and now the challenge has returned. The reason I’m forced to mention this is that it will soon affect my output.

It seems my cancer took on a rare new form during lockdown (My brother said; ‘Trust you. You couldn’t have an ordinary one, could you?’). I’m due to start chemotherapy again in two weeks. This will be more aggressive than the last (I’ll be living with a PICC line inside me)  although it will enable me to apply for a summer tour of ‘The King & I’. So long as I don’t have to do the dancing and can basically lie on a palanquin.

Health journeys are boring to read about because they ultimately have one conclusion. We don’t want to hear it because it’s unhelpful and defeatist. We fall ill and recover from other illnesses but we have to battle cancer or lose the fight.

To hell with that. I may soon look like Matt Lucas but I’ll work on until I can no longer do so. If explaining this makes you feel uncomfortable I’m sorry, but I need to be honest.

Annoyingly, I have several books in different stages of development. The 20th Bryant & May is finally finished and my agent is thrilled with it. There’s a thriller, ‘Hot Water’, currently awaiting a publisher, and a comedy, ‘Crazy Lady’, also completed, and three-quarters of an epic, ‘The Foot on the Crown’, which requires a lot more work (probably too much now) to bring to a close. There’s a time-slip drama called ‘Westerdale Road’ under starter’s orders and a thriller called ‘The Luncheon’ to be written, along with half a dozen other projects. I feel I’m just starting to hit my stride.

Although it means that the next Bryant & May book will most likely be the last one, I’ll try to keep one more small surprise up my sleeve for you. To spare everyone that awkward feeling when you really want to leave your Nan’s but it’s not quite time to go, I’m going to ask you to avoid sympathy in the comments section. Onward!

65 comments on “A Disruption To Your Usually Fine Service”

  1. Colin says:

    Best wishes Chris. Hope it all goes well

  2. Korri Lee says:

    Your in my thoughts and prayers such as they are, I bully Great Spirit on peoples behalf way too much, not sure Im listened too any more Keep safe Chris Your much loved and appreciated

  3. Thank you for letting us know. Wishing you the best on your journey no matter where it takes you.

  4. Scott Nickels says:

    It would be incredible if you could integrate your health “fight” into your current in-the-pipeline books, including Bryant & May. I believe many of us readers would be rewarded by your wisdom on that delicate subject while being entertained. Or perhaps you have already taken advantage of my brilliant suggestion even before I sent it to you.

  5. Kristina says:

    Sending you love and good vibes and wishes and hope

  6. John Griffin says:

    Good luck!

  7. Laura Hecht says:

    I had to do that. I sure do wish you didn’t. Have to do that, that is. I apologize for my spotty grammar. The problem is rampant here in the U.S.

  8. eggsy says:

    Great bob, Mr Fowler. Here we are all worried about the next book, and you spring this on us. Keep doing what you do, for you, and bon chance.

  9. Peter says:

    Sending you good wishes, Christopher!

  10. Ed DesCamp says:

    Chris – all best wishes for a successful battle. I’ve only been there as a brother, parent, and friend, so I think I understand what Peter is feeling. Thanks for letting us know.

  11. Vee says:

    We love you and go kick its sorry ass.

  12. Diane Worth says:

    Stage 4 cancer here too, and it’s no fun. But you can be happy in bad times, just look for it.

  13. Dear Chris,
    I wish you well. Literally. What do you mean that the next Bryant & May book will probably be your last one. I seem to recall you were going to stop after book number six and look where we are now !! Hopefully you’ll be OK. Medicine these days is incredibly resilient and resourceful and can surprise you at any moment. Keep positive and plan for the future.

  14. Sarah Mooring says:

    Dear Chris,
    Wishing you well with the chemo, and even if you do end up hairless pro tem, you’ll still be better looking than Matt Lucas (just sayin’).
    I shall cross available digits for a good outcome. I’ve had 3 PICCs in the last few years (for summat unrelated to your current ailment), and am now happily sporting a Portacath, which makes things easier.
    Now, go and kick it’s arse – or at least give it your best shot. A vast number of people are rooting for you.
    Besos desde la ciudad de Alicante. xxx

  15. Jim Devlin says:

    Surprised to read this, because I missed the first posting. I have several close friends who have done well against this thing, and wish the same for you…

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