A Very Snowy Christmas

Bryant and May

Over the years I’ve come to think of the commenters on this site as friends and relatives, albeit quirky and occasionally annoying ones like your auntie who drank too much gin on Christmas Day and didn’t make it to the bathroom. I still miss Mike Cane, Dan Terrell, Anne Hill Fernie and many others. What happened to Terenzio and his quilted dressing gown? Happily Helen Martin is still present (hand up, Helen) and of course Snowy is still dispensing erudite advice, even though it may answer a question you haven’t yet asked or may never think of asking unless you were drunk.

So Snowy has made excellent Bryant & May Christmas cards again this year, both in postcard format and in a handy envelope size. I think he possibly does this as therapy in between bouts of basket weaving  before he becomes over-excited and the nurse calls for the screens. Cut out ‘n’ keep!



16 comments on “A Very Snowy Christmas”

  1. Peter Tromans says:

    Wonderful. Thank you Snowy and Chris for brightening the day.

  2. Jo W says:

    Lovely. I have asked ‘im indoors to print out these from his better equipment and I intend to send one to me.

    # Snowy, when you have finished your basket weaving, may I have a waste paper one? 😉

  3. SteveB says:

    Ha ha brilliant thanks

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Lovely card; thank you both and thank you for the kind mention above. I hear on Facebook from Dan’s widow every so often – she’s working hard for the Democrats in her state.

  5. Helen Martin says:

    Unless I’m the drinking aunt that doesn’t make it to the bathroom. Horrors! I’ll try to be careful in the New Year.

  6. Wayne Mook says:

    Snowy when you basket weave do you use willow, reed, exotic tree bark or something else.

    I have to admit I have been lurking a bit but haven’t posted due to a lot going on but I was also in purdah, being a civil servant I wasn’t allowed to post politics in the run up to the election and I didn’t trust myself to go on a rant.

    So did I miss anything interesting?


  7. Hines says:

    Being in the Christmas Spirit (just left our Pipe Smokers’ Club Christmas dinner – honest – google Conclave Of Richmond Pipe Smokers – CORPS), and beginning “The Lonely Hour”, I thought I’d chime in here (I haven’t before – but, hey, it is that season) and I went to your web site, etc. I/we do wish that you’d portray Arthur’s pipe, and his pipe smoking in a more favourable light. Perhaps buy him a Dunhill for crying out loud – he has certainly earned it. And, it is that season, isn’t it. Maybe have a new young recruit enjoy the aroma of Arthur’s pipe, therefore encouraging such….and this, btw isn’t sarcasm. But I do want to thank you for the great stories, and wish more illustrations (with pipe – is Paget still available?) and to wish you a very wonderful Christmas and the best to you in 2020! I hope I can remember to return here…

  8. John Howard says:

    GLADLY (Bloody cat has been at the Caps Lock again), Anyway, as I was saying, I gladly click onto the site for my daily dose of Adminism whilst drinking the most important first cup of tea of the day.
    It’s fun to sometimes to get involved with the daily chat although most of the time I find my carefully thought out comment has been posted by someone else.
    More power to everyones elbows I say.
    PS: If only I had the technical savvy to be able to print the cards off my day would be complete.. *walks off slowly into the wings sighing*

  9. Ian Luck says:

    Absolutely superb. Bit late for me, though, as I have already sent out this year’s Krampus cards.
    If I print them out now, though, I can use them next year. Cheers!

  10. Jo W says:

    # Helen,
    I don’t believe you could possibly be the gin swilling aunt! Actually I was worried that was me, but then I remembered- gin is one drink I won’t touch. 😉

  11. Helen Martin says:

    JoW – I wasn’t aware of touching it either but that’s what they all say and I wondered, you know. Best wishes to you and ‘im indoors and the family. I actually got my cards made this year so, it’ll be late but as long as it arrives before January is out.

  12. snowy says:

    You paddle off in your skiff for a few days to hew some alder wands* and it all kicks off.

    While tis only a poor effort, running it through the WordPress conversion to web image will have done it no favours what so ever. [It’ll be badly compressed, 60% lower resolution and full of artifacts.]

    To preserve the reputation of this place for high quality and as a service for those that would like a more user-friendly way to get the file, I’ll pop a higher-quality copy up on a file host.

    Hang on, just a tick…

    If you want A4 click here

    If you want US Letter click here

    * Bit of a rush job on for Labour Party Central Office, something to do ‘Sacrificing the Old King’ to lift some sort of curse? [They are a very funny lot in Islington!] The brief is not exactly clear, all I was sent was a blurry screenshot and a list of dimensions…… they seem to want a 30′ high wicker Christopher Lee? Still as long as they are paying…

  13. kevin says:

    Chris, do you have any thoughts on the fate of the physical bookstore? As I’m sure you’re aware, James Daunt has assumed the helm of America’s last standing bookstore -Barnes and Noble. Given his success with Waterstones in the U.K., there is much hope that he can do the same here. I don’t think he can. ( I apologize for going off topic but I am curious about your thoughts, and I’m not on twitter or Facebook.)

    And thank you Snowy for the wonderful card template.

  14. John Howard says:

    SNOWY (Bloody cat again). Many thanks for the link to the card.
    By the way, be a bit careful, I did hear a colleague in Central Office saying something about “when he’s made it they are going to knock him out and put him in there as well”.

    *I’m sure someone has used that as a plot line somewhere…..*

  15. Liz Thompson says:

    Thank you Snowy for today’s first good laugh. Hope you found the wicker all right for that rush job. Looking on Twitter (sometimes I feel that’s a bad mistake), there do seem to be rather a lot of candidates for having ordered the wicker model, and also likely candidates for insertion into it on completion. Have they invited you to the unveiling ceremony? To be accompanied by a bonfire and fireworks I assume. Not sure if they’ll be a barbecue, ask at the local foodbank.

  16. eggsy says:

    Snowy – arf! Well, it is the true meaning of Yule…
    I advise everyone to lay off the bean soup at the Islington Vegan Cafe. Just in case.
    John H – adminism……so _that’s_ what it is.
    Has the cat finished its Xmas list? Must _really_ want those items in CAPS….

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