The Friday Song


To commemorate Mr Trump visiting London with a thousand armed minders making sure that protesters couldn’t reach him, I thought we’d have a little number dedicated to the NRA.

NB Not intended as a comment on US foreign policy.



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  1. Ken Mann says:

    Given the security lockdown, one relevant clip might be the Goodies performing Wild Thing to an audience composed entirely of police to preempt any possible crowd trouble.

  2. SteveB says:

    The Goodies arent pc any more

  3. John Howard says:

    But they are still good and fun. PS: thanks for my Sammy Davis Saturday morning. (sorry, a day late)

  4. Ian Luck says:

    Bloody PC bollocks. Some TV shows are of their time. They exist, and say things that perhaps people don’t want to hear or see: and I will agree that some are offensive. In that case, the course of action is clear: Don’t. Watch. Them. To millions of people of a certain age, these things are held dear. We cannot unwatch these shows, and many hold happy memories. If something is offensive today, then there is a justification for calling it ‘Non PC’ (I find most terrestrial TV offensive, to be honest, but that is because of it’s L.C.D. nature. If I want to be shrieked at by people who can hardly string a sentence together, I can just walk through town at night). Calling something nearly 50 years old ‘Non PC’ is pointless – the idea didn’t exist when the show was made. By this criteria, my beloved Monty Python is DEFINITELY ‘Non PC’, as is the output of the likes of Pete & Dud, The Two Ronnies, Porridge, Rising Damp, Dave Allen, Marty Feldman, etc. Never heard many complaints about them, though. I always feel that those who constantly complain about this sort of thing, had read ‘1984’, and somehow mistaken it as an instruction manual on how to make people miserable; grind the bastards down. I always detested Mary Whitehouse, who was obviously terrified of change, and people getting ideas – not always bad ones – from the TV. One of her favourite phrases was:
    “When children could be watching.” She used this to justify her arguments on shows shown late in the evening, which showed how skewed her mindset was. Of course, she was seen as a joke by many – the producers of Doctor Who, amongst them, one of whom saying that they often prayed for a complaint from her, as it would guarantee 100,000 new viewers the next week, to see what the fuss was about. As she used to actually watch things, she must have seen more grotty TV and smut than most normal people. I was greatly amused that a dark and offensively loud and dischordant electro band and a hard-core pornographic magazine both named themselves ‘Whitehouse’ in the 1970’s. Then, in the1980’s, comedians and writers Newman & Baddiel, and Punt & Dennis got together as ‘The Mary Whitehouse Experience’ simply to annoy the stupid old cow. (Their words, not mine, but I like the sentiment).

  5. Ian Luck says:

    I meant 1990’s. Sausage digits let me down again.

  6. Helen Martin says:

    There were regulations in this country and I believe in the US that limited violence and explicit sex to the post 9pm times. Once people had satellite dishes and access to other time zones it becomes rather pointless. We weren’t allowed to broadcast election results across time zones either to avoid affecting the results (for people who let other people’s votes affect them). That is impossible to enforce now.

  7. John Griffin says:

    PC does not exist. Repeat. PC does not exist. Like Johnson’s EU regs it is the product of a right wing journos sewer mind, trying to bludgeon moral people from a viewpoint where such niceties do not exist. The ‘PC’ inventors live in the same moral universe as Johnson with his ‘bum boys’ and ‘piccanninies’.
    What does exist is good taste and a modicum of aware (NOT ‘woke’) morality, coupled with empathy for the rest of the human race.

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