The Return Of The Friday Song

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Why? Because I’m hard at work on the next Bryant & May novel, and can’t spend 3 hours on the blog this morning!

Besides, the glorious weather has returned to its dismal grey state and we might need something to cheer us up. So there’s that.

And this.

Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee not only caused outrage with ‘Jerry Springer – The Musical’, they found themselves with a smash hit on their hands that ran for ages in London and transferred to TV. The outrage was misplaced; the piece had a brilliant moral point. Richard Thomas did another West End show, the highly original ‘Shoes’, and a TV series called ‘Kombat Opera’ which can happily now be found on YouTube. As always, he jolted by crossing operatic performers with everyday syntax, and of course, being British it’s fabulously sweary.

Meanwhile, this clip surfaced in the recent celebration of the National Theatre’s 50th anniversary.

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  1. SimonB says:

    Even more apt with the Jeremy Kyle show kerfuffle this week.

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