Let’s Have Something Italian


I’m off, you lot. It’s Easter, London is going to be ‘hotter than Morocco’ (another unit of measurement) and I’m heading to Herculaneum with some friends, to eat pasta and look at mosaics and watch another series of Gommorah on the way there to put me in the mood.

So, here’s Fergie being Italian, from ‘Nine’, which was in turn distilled from Fellini’s ‘8 1/2’, by Maury Yeston. It was a sensation on stage that got lost on its way to Hollywood, where the director cut half the score and half the plot, and miscast the lead. But this scene alone seemed to catch a little flavour of Fellini – who remains one of my heroes and is criminally unrepresented on home entertainment systems. Happy Easter break!

4 comments on “Let’s Have Something Italian”

  1. Jo W says:

    Safe journey,Chris. Enjoy

  2. Mary Schultz says:

    Spending balmy Easter in Whitby, but enjoyed your steamy clip of “Be Italian”,

  3. Wayne Mook says:

    The football game in Manchester had to have a football related measurement, so it was hotter than Barcelona.


  4. John Griffin says:

    This Easter in Whitby seems to have been static crowd and chip tray hell. First time we didn’t go.

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