Monthly Archives: February 2019

Horrible People, Surreal Potential

There’s something wrong when post-apocalypse drama is more appealing than a sit-com. Here’s what to do when you’re sick. Box-set binge. It was all my dehydrated brain could handle while my body was rejecting the planet, so I watched something called ‘Russian Doll’ on Netflix. My reason for choosing this programme was carefully considered, viz. […]

No Post Today…

…and no 1st Monday Crime night for me either. On Saturday night I contracted a virulent form of food poisoning and am laid low with fever, shakes and throwy-uppy thing…sorry for no-show – beyond my control unforch.

A Song On Sunday

In 1950s Russia young people were suddenly developing chesty coughs. They faked them to get X-rays, the results of which were printed on acetate and given to the patients, who then cut them into discs and recorded illegal American rock ‘n’ roll onto them. ‘Hipsters’ (2008) is the story of this underground movement. The film […]

London Gets A Design Evolution

The London Underground kept its original look for so many years because of Frank Pick, the unassuming CEO who put together a small team to modernise its design. Frank had no training in art and design, but he knew some people who did; typographer Edward Johnston, whose graceful typeface is still used today, Harry Beck, […]

London’s Darkest Spot

Whenever a TV shows wants us to see the full horror of Victorian poverty, they shoot a sequence at the back of Somerset House, which they dress to look filthy and dangerous. We tend to think of the London poor in terms of Henry Mayhew, whose columns brought us ‘London Labour and the London Poor’, […]