The Lonely Hour Arrives!

Bryant and May

In Which Mr May Makes A Mistake And Mr Bryant Goes Into The Dark

It’s Bryant & May’s 17th outing, not counting their graphic novel, and their longest novel. We’re in central London just after Christmas, in the present day, where the friendless and lonely are being picked off by a man with a plan. I tell you his name right at the start of the book, and tell you he did it. And then I will proceed to confound you because hey, mystery writer.

I’m thrilled with this one. After ‘Hall of Mirrors’ (also out now in paperback) it was a wonderful chance to get the whole gang back together and really put them through their paces, so expect a few shocks along the way, especially in the final pages. You can also expect abstruse discussions on everything from old London music hall acts to occult bookshops.

The novel will be launched on March 21st when I’ll be discussing it at Waterstone’s Covent Garden, and you can come along by letting them know here. It’s a free event but you need to make a reservation. Then we’ll be going to the atmospheric old pub where Mr Bryant heads for a beer in the book…the Lamb & Flag. With any luck it will be pissing down. Either way,, it’ll be a proper London evening, guv, an’ no mistake!

ARTHUR BRYANT; How can anyone be lonely in a city of nine million people? They attach themselves to you like barnacles. Look at me, I’m so popular that people actually cross the street to avoid me. They fear being drawn into my gravitational orbit.


10 comments on “The Lonely Hour Arrives!”

  1. Wim says:

    Today, I ordered your first Bryant and May book. I am looking forward to it

  2. Aimee says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to the new book. Would also like to thank you for introducing us to the real London and Norman Wisdom. Things us Americans have missed.

  3. Ian Mason says:

    Sally and I have booked a couple of tickets so we’ll see you there. Haven’t been in the Lamb and Flag in yonks…

  4. Jo W says:

    We’ll see you there,Chris. Not been in the L&F for a couple of months,don’t suppose it’s changed?

  5. Jan says:

    You have written on Christmas tide and how it impacts on security, police cover etc before in a couple of your early books. Roofworld I think.features this.

    I’ve always thought that was quite an intelligent realisation you had picked up on (not that you got it spot on) but was interesting that you saw it + noted it. And used it I suppose.

  6. Jan says:

    was that picture taken during your recent bout of tummy trouble?

    Sorry I know that was bad but just looking at your expression I had to say it…I couldn’t stop meself….Sorry….

  7. Eliz Amber says:

    It’s only showing up for US pre-order in Audible format, which I loathe. (I want to read a book, not listen to it.) I hope it will be coming to Kindle on this side of the pond? Hardback books are too difficult to juggle on the train, especially with 10 kilos of cold-weather gear and gloves.

  8. Brooke says:

    Mr. Fowler enjoys teasing U.S. fans; hardback editions are not available here til 12-18 months after UK publication. Eventually kindle editions show up. A rapidly-becoming-less-than-devoted fan, seeking to speed up the process, I am experimenting with esoteric thought techniques. Perhaps I went too far –sorry about the food poisoning thing.

    The Lonely Hour: homage to Patricia Highsmith, Mary Roberts Rinehart and ?

  9. Peter Tromans says:

    I do wish you would arrange these dates so that I could attend.

  10. Ian Luck says:

    I just read the Arthur Bryant lines above, out loud, in the voice of the late, great Ken Campbell. It suddenly struck me that he would have made a perfect Arthur Bryant. I’m alone in the house at the minute, so I can read out loud, in odd voices without anyone taking the piss.

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