No Post Today…


…and no 1st Monday Crime night for me either. On Saturday night I contracted a virulent form of food poisoning and am laid low with fever, shakes and throwy-uppy thing…sorry for no-show – beyond my control unforch.

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  1. Jan says:

    Teach you to go for a kebab on the way hone!
    Stick to chips….

    Don’t go giving me that Veganuary tripe!

    Take it steady drink loads of water.

    If you can stand to drink the horrible stuff get Pete to buy them horrible rehydration salts and stick them in the water.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Chris,I sympathize with you.I had it before Christmas; it’s very debilitating.

  3. Brooke says:

    Or have spouse get the bottled stuff they give infants– in US it’s called Pedialyte, calms the insides down and rehydrates. Comes in flavors but you still have to hold your nose to drink it.

    Feel better and if not get yourself to physician. Fever indicates masculine pride not allowed.

  4. Peter Tromans says:

    Result of exploring that open sewer under the Embankment?

    Get well soon!

  5. snowy says:

    Ewwwww…. yucky!

    Wrap up warm, sip water, take drugs-[sensible ones!]

    And make a dent in that pile of DVDs that you feel obliged to have seen, but don’t really fancy. [You are going to feel miserable anyway, so an ideal time to get through that three hour documentary on the lives of Yak herders in Silesia under Stalin.]

  6. Linda Ayres says:

    Nasty…get well soon. Keep hydrated.

  7. Jay Mackie says:

    Dodgy meal in a restaurant? Aww bless you Chris. At the risk of repeating previous comments rest loads and loads of fluids like you didn’t know!
    Get well soon

  8. Wayne Mook says:

    Get well soon and tuck up warm, and echoes above advice, plenty of fluids. Chicken soup is good if can keep it down.


  9. Helen Martin says:

    My Mother advocated 7up if chicken soup wouldn’t stay down, but whatever works. Such appalling timing for it. Sleep and drink, see the doctor if that fever persists and we’ll hear from you in a few days.

  10. Jo W says:

    Didn’t find out until we were at the 1st Monday crime night. When Barry F explained,there was a wave of sympathy in the room along with-he ate what?where?in the dark?
    Please,Chris,take good care of yourself. We missed you.

  11. Peter Tromans says:

    Do they still make Lucozade? Back in the day, whatever that means, I loved it. “Lucozade aids recovery” or made you sick in a different direction.

  12. admin says:

    Thanks for your kind thought – feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach but on the mend. Don’t have the plaice at the Pig & Butcher, Islington.

  13. Ron and Sue Lucas says:


    Just a quick question my wife and I are desperate to ask. We watched a wonderful Boris Karloff film (great actor) yesterday on the very watchable Classic Pics channel. Colonel March Investigates. He is part of the “Department of Queer Complaints”. Was this an inspiration for another similar department? Get well soon

  14. admin says:

    No it wasn’t but I’ve read the original by Dickson Carr. It was filmed as a TV series about which one critic said, ‘If there were only something of signifiant badness, then one could at least take a hatchet to it. But who could take a hatchet to Wilson, Keppel, and Betty, stars of Saturday night’s variety programme, or to the adventures of ‘Colonel March of Scotland Yard’, the intellectual content of which is the nearest thing to a hole I have ever seen?’

  15. Ian Luck says:

    It seems odd now about Lucozade – you can get it anywhere, but when my brother and I were small, it was sold in chemist’s shops. And there was only one rule: You. Only. Have. Lucozade. When. You. Are Ill. Requests for it at any other time fell on deaf ears. It was almost as if it fell into the category of ‘Medicine’. It’s the only fizzy drink that still tastes great when it has gone ‘flat’, too.

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