A Song On Sunday


In 1950s Russia young people were suddenly developing chesty coughs. They faked them to get X-rays, the results of which were printed on acetate and given to the patients, who then cut them into discs and recorded illegal American rock ‘n’ roll onto them. ‘Hipsters’ (2008) is the story of this underground movement. The film was was not released in the UK.

Here, the kid goes out there with his sax and gets the girl. I love the underground station at the end.


2 comments on “A Song On Sunday”

  1. Martin Tolley says:

    Not a hair out of place!

  2. Ian Luck says:

    The Eastern European Hip-Hop movement did my head in – as they couldn’t get vinyl records to perform (and this is a legitimate word) ‘Turntablism’ on (The British group Coldcut use the term ‘Doubledecknical Tricknowledgy, by the way), they turned to old tech. Reel to reel tape recorders. They would manipulate the reels like vinyl records. The master of this technique was a DJ who went by the name of ‘East Bam’ (there being an equally brilliant DJ in West Berlin, called ‘West Bam’ at the time). Adopt, adapt, and improve.

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