The Bryant & May Cryptic Christmas Crossword

Christopher Fowler
A word from Snowy and me: Time can hang heavy between forcing that last sprout down your neck and the start of the big film. Here is a little diversion to tickle up those remaining brain-cells not completely drowned in gravy. Those who don't usually feel they can tackle a cryptic crossword should have no fears; there's another way to solve this...so no
spoilers in the comments please.' Snowy thinks there will be complaints about the clues being too 'Deep English' with general abuse aimed at the compiler. The answers will arrive after a sufficient number of correct entries.


Brooke (not verified) Fri, 21/12/2018 - 11:07

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Done !Not as hard as I thought it would be . Completed in 10 minutes . Next

Karen (not verified) Fri, 21/12/2018 - 13:11

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Finding this quite tricky!

snowy (not verified) Fri, 21/12/2018 - 13:32

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K, the answers have a common theme, once you solve any one clue you'll realise what that is and then the answers will flow like a hyperactive child's Ribena infused vomit on a brides dress.

[It follows the usual cryptic rules, so expect mis-direction, double meanings, anagrams, words reversed.]

snowy (not verified) Fri, 21/12/2018 - 13:39

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B, having finished it, that just leaves you with the creeping existential dread of slowly realising that to have done it so fast; you must think exactly like me!

Jo W (not verified) Fri, 21/12/2018 - 13:49

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Have to wait for 'imself to print this out,as I can't fill it in on this device. Grrr :-(

Martin Tolley (not verified) Fri, 21/12/2018 - 14:17

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That was fun. Many thanks Snowy.
But jeez - Doctor in a variety of situations, Edmund Hockeridge. Edward Woodward twice! You take me back sir, and not necessarily in a good way.

snowy (not verified) Fri, 21/12/2018 - 16:39

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

J, if you have been very good Santa might put a wireless printer under the tree!

[Bloody patriarchy eh, having to wait for a man to do things.... grumble, grumble... What century is this?


This repression of a womans rights cannot be allowed to continue! Why hasn't 'Woman's Hour' started a campaign to stamp this out!

I've a good mind to send Jenni Murray something stiff in an e-mail!]

[*It's panto season, normal rules of polite behaviour are suspended*]

snowy (not verified) Fri, 21/12/2018 - 16:49

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

M, very kind of you to say so. *doffs imaginary hat*

*Wanders off*

*Muttering, confused; "Who the <a>REDACTED</a> is Edmund Hockeridge? How the hell did I write a clue referencing somebody I have never ever heard of?!*


snowy (not verified) Fri, 21/12/2018 - 18:18

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Oh! I thought I'd been getting messages from the '<i>Spirit World</i>'

[Must try adding more tonic. *looks at glass*]

Jo W (not verified) Sat, 22/12/2018 - 12:38

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Snowy! That was fun (eventually). I've not yet learnt to play with the printers and sent it to him to do it for me. Then outside forces came into play. 'imself was very delayed at a hospital appointment up in town,the trains were playing up and he just missed a bus. After rushing his meal,we were about ready for the neighbours to arrive for a get-together,a very jolly one may I add and for some reason,can't think what, it completely slipped our minds. ;-)
Anyway,apart from the printer running out of ink,as per, your wonderfully brainworking crossword was finished in less than four minutes.
Thank you for setting it,Snowy! Seasonal Greetings! :-)

Christopher Fowler Sat, 22/12/2018 - 17:38

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Four minutes! Dear God, woman, were you in training or something?

Jo W (not verified) Sat, 22/12/2018 - 18:07

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I said I was a cruciverbalist, Chris. ;-)

Helen Martin (not verified) Sun, 23/12/2018 - 06:43

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Well I have it printed (by myself I might add) and having recently read a book about the early days of the BBC I quite understand the reference to Woman's Hour. I'm no good at cryptic crossword but I'll try it within the next few hours and haven't looked at the answers, I promise.
(Been reading a Charles Stross [Books 1 and 2 of the Merchant Princes] and can't do anything till I've finished it.)