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NB. The photos: I was on the South Bank last night after seeing Ralph Fiennes in ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ and took these shots, sitting by the Thames with friends and beers. Despite the fact that London now looks like Singapore, you can still find a pub with an upturned flowerpot for an ashtray.

Apparently the giant blocks of ice were an artistic statement about global warming, hopefully not having been hacked off a glacier.

I had a review the other day that started ‘I always forget how much I like this writer’, which [a] cheered me up and [b] reminded me to encourage people not to forget, so if I may directly your attention to the little menu on the right-hand side of your page, you’ll find several categories, some of which you may not have noticed before, as indeed I appeared not to have done. When we lasted updated the site in 2016 capacity was made to include extracts from every book currently available. That plan flew out the window when I started the last Bryant & May project, which turned out to be bigger than expected.

Lately though, I’ve started adding extracts from the novels to give potential readers a flavour of what they’re in for, which may be a good or bad thing. Hopefully I’ll soon have managed to upload sections on everything. In the meantime you’ll find quite a lot of stuff there. Hopefully the designer and I will get together soon and address other concerns with the site. We are in the pre-Christmas accordion when everything gets squeezed, so most of the things I say I’ll do this week will happen in January.

Have a peruse; what I’m doing next is taking a short trip to – well, it’ll need more explanation than a single line, and I hope to get to that subject on Saturday.


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  1. Alison says:

    What did you think of Fiennes in Antony & Cleopatra? His body language and weird lurching about reminded me of Robin Williams. Or maybe his back just hurts?

    I’ve just discovered your work and I’m alternately sick about having missed out all these years and absolutely thrilled that I have so much new material to read!

  2. admin says:

    I thought Fiennes was sensational, the old soldier with the bad leg, but had problems with Cleo – not her performance but the director’s decision to have her played as a provincial.

  3. Eliz Amber says:

    Sort of on-topic – just wanted to say that ‘Hall of Mirrors’ is finally on US Kindle and I’m enjoying it immensely. Of course, Arthur was always an ‘old man’, even when he was young. His real problem (or feature, depending on how you look at it) is that he simply isn’t ‘normal’ and therefore has no compulsion to dive off with the lemmings. Being a pessimist helps.

  4. Wayne Mook says:

    I thought the ice cubes were a drinks advert, it would go with the pub setting. Nice to see some traditions being kept.

    As to the London skyline what do make of the proposed Tulip?

    Here is some blurb from Fosters and Allen…. err Foster + Partners website, (it’s supposed to have a classroom at the top and is a tourist attraction. I blame The Eye myself.)

    Since the turn of the Millennium, London’s skyline has matured with new high-rise buildings that reflect its growth as a global financial hub. In addition, the City of London Corporation has been driving proposals to enliven the Square Mile by creating a Culture Mile with world-class tourist facilities. The proposal for a unique 305.3-metre-high visitor attraction reflects a desire to build public engagement within the City and enhance The Gherkin’s public offering. The Tulip promises wide cultural and economic benefits with a diverse programme of events.


  5. Jan says:

    Them ice cubes must be made for bloody big glasses. I take it the bars serve at least doubles on the South Bank.

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