Crazy Song Day!


I just flew back to London for a very unusual launch party – more on that tomorrow – and found London basking in Mediterranean temperatures. I’ve quickly opened enough mail to fill a room (October’s coming – Book Season!), took calls, showered and changed, remembered I have people staying with me, left keys and am now dashing out, so a proper column tomorrow, I promise.

So today, an upbeat song. A couple of years back we had another number from this, ‘Reefer Madness – The Musical’, probably the most peculiar feature ever made for US TV. It’s gone on to become a cult classic. Here our hero tries to decide between his favourite gal and his favourite drug. Love the singing clams! And that’s Neve Campbell, the hero’s real-life sister, behind the car.


2 comments on “Crazy Song Day!”

  1. Trace Turner says:

    Ahhh, Christian Campbell and his dimples…I have heard rumors that a sequel to his 1999 film Trick is a possibility.

  2. Kevin Woolard says:

    And was that Alan Cumming strutting his stuff there too?

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