Maggie's Mind Lint 4

Christopher Fowler
Time for another dip into the bran-tub of Maggie's mind. This brings us up to date. For those of you who haven't been following this, the eponymous white witch from my Bryant & May books is very much a real person and sends me immense texts that reveal the threshing machine of her thought processes. For some unearthly reason her predictive text is turned off, so I have to unscramble the spellings first and correct them to make vague sense. Here's the latest batch (suitably edited so as not to incriminate the innocent). Further comment is superfluous. I was washing all my ancient little dolls
some of which are without their arms I cannot dispose of them so they are back on my shelf. you write the most delicious sex scenes so true to some peoples lives the best one was in the master builder. the gruesome bits are very good too. I was booked to go to The portrait gallery tonight to do a drawing class but I have zigzagging pain in my back and have made a rice pudding. I also as you may know had an Aunty Rene who as you know ran the Rene reed shake school of theatre and dance. thankfully her house was not bombed.
I went to an ampliphon and also spec savers in Russel square.
I went yesterday in smart blouse and another rspca skirt from h and m another bargain, very hot and sunny. amber (daughter) rang which was lovely. she misses me also lovely Fabio took her to another volley ball match Perugia won. she is having a lovely time with this man but he is a baker and gets up at five and is a workaholic smokes too much and drinks many cups of coffee. he is 44
but has been very manly and kind to her. I have not done very much. oh I have remembered I have not had my injections of vitamin b 12 so I get tired
I am too tired to do it now. I heard you are having a few lugs and knots with your book. I was reading about another author
the one who wrote on chesil beach talking about his writing. he must have got bored. Harrods was as always beautiful but full of like Somerset morn
said rich but shady people referring I know to the inhabitants of south of France. had a look in delicious food hall and shockingly expensive clothing. partook of a lot of perfume swabs sat outside in the sun lovely to wander about Harrods hated the silly men zooming round in their Porsches making an aful noise.
shop assistants were lovely got to go in the Cartier watch section and
view lustrous diamonds emeralds. I did not want to go on such a hot day with my small white legs.
My chemist Joseph likes me and he and his boyfriend are taking me to see Peter Pan at the openair theatre in regent park open theatre so I will be with these lovely boys with their beards I bet it will be cold so I will have wrap up warm.
Have just finished again film freak. Amazingly plunged back to so many memories. I was with you at the screening of the exorcist in the viewing cinema and was the most scared I have ever been. lovely memories of you and jim. Jim's ashes are in an Indian jewelled small box in Poppy's room
in the painted now pink elderly cadenza. wish we had a video of our days of laughter
and fun.
Euthanasia is out of the question i see.
Guernsey was defeated by the British medical association and guernsey disabilities alliance. that can't be right most disabled people would be glad to take smashing soothing drugs and a good film to check out. (Maggie was hired for a shoot in which some old ladies behave crazily, the ad agency involved clearly keen to leave no cliché unturned) Filming
oxford with elvis and pink Cadillac.
The shoot from hell will defo go on dark web. Obs this was elvis at back end of his life. lucky me with Stephanie and Fiona in back seat while Ian catapulted us almost in to river due to having to perform speeding getaway with us old gals in the in rear
good night my sweetling. maggyxxx
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Jo W (not verified) Sat, 26/05/2018 - 07:47

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'I have zigzagging pain in my back and have made a rice pudding.'
Oh,Maggie,what a wonderful reason not to go to a drawing class, could I borrow that excuse next time I particularly don't want to go somewhere? ;-)
In Maggies Mind Lint 3,I think, the subject of address books came up. It made me look through mine and realise how many names I've had to cross through. The sadness of growing older. :-(

chazza (not verified) Sat, 26/05/2018 - 08:42

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

"Somerset morn.." Priceless! But evocative whichever way you look at it!

Sarah Griffin (not verified) Sat, 26/05/2018 - 08:46

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Well worth the time spent translating the spelling and some of the punctuation but leaving the essence .This ladys observations and thought process are a treat to read. Ultimate time traveler as she can be in the past present and future all in the same moment. Throughly enjoyed spending time with her mind this morning.

Wayne Mook (not verified) Sun, 27/05/2018 - 20:35

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

It is always a pleasure to read Maggie's texts.

I agree Jo that is an excellent reason for no doing something.

I think one of the fears I have is looking down the address book and not recognising the person there, someone who at the time was important enough to stay in touch with but now not even a memory.