I Live In Trafalgar Square


I was looking through books on the English music hall when I stumbled across this once-popular song. It was recorded numerous times and proved a great hit on the stage. I’m interested in the peculiar cadences that instantly define this song as ‘music hall’ – it could hardly be anything else with those chords. Of course it’s designed to be sung along with, which is why it has such a catchy chorus!

It’s amazing how many old music hall songs are centred around London streets and landmarks, and often have topical references in them. This one is sung by music hall veteran Roy Hudd.

8 comments on “I Live In Trafalgar Square”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    Oh, I did enjoy that! “If it’s good enough for Nelson then it’s quite good enough for me!”

  2. Ed DesCamp says:

    Chris – Happy 65th, and many happy returns! Finally received my copies of Film Freak, Rune, and Calabash, and am enjoying my exposure to the wide variety that is your non-B&M output…and can’t wait for the next of those, either.

  3. Denise Treadwell says:

    I enjoyed that! I have never heard it before .
    Happy Birthday on the 26th.

  4. Rachel Green says:

    Happy birthday, sir

  5. Martin Tolley says:

    Haven’t heard this for a long while and NOW I can’t get this tune out of my head. Not sure whether to thank you or not Mr F.
    Many happy returns, and btw Hall of Mirrors is brill…

  6. John Griffin says:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Vivienne says:

    Yes, Happy Birthday.
    Listening to the song (which I remember well) I Can’t. help feeling it was Stanley Holloway who was most well known for this: a wonderful rich voice.

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