A Wednesday Song Because…


It’s raining.

I have a lot of work to get through before I head for Berlin tomorrow.

I can’t find the piece I was going to post.

So. What do you get if you cross the Argentinian Hollywood composer Lalo ‘Bullitt’ Schifrin with James Bond at his peak, hire Shirley Bassey to belt out the song and get Richard Williams to design the sequence? Why, ‘The Liquidator’ of course, not the telly series but a film which stars the affable Rod Taylor as a secret agent. What’s amazing about this is that you can tell it’s Williams behind the design just from one single frame – it has his indelible slinky signature.

7 comments on “A Wednesday Song Because…”

  1. David Ronaldson says:

    Eclectic cast. I’m picturing Rod Taylor in a stuffy office, itching to get out in the field, while Derek Nimmo, Richard Wattis and John le Mesurier fuss over a teapot and Eric Sykes peers into the room from his window cleaner’s ladder. But maybe that’s just me.

  2. chazza says:

    Being Wednesday, I prefer the haunting John Barry “Wednesday’s Child” from “The Quiller Memorandum”. That transports me back to Berlin every time I play it…

  3. Steveb says:

    Chazza, I like that one too, both the music and the film. Wasn’t the film written by Harold Pinter?

  4. Steveb says:

    PS the Eric Sykes comment makes me ask, WHEN IS ONE WAY PENDULUM GOING TO BE RELEASED ON DVD?????

  5. Denise Treadwell says:

    Wasn’t “Wednesday’s Child’ sung by Matt Monroe?

  6. Helen Martin says:

    Have a good trip, Chris and thank you for Dame Shirley’s performance. Does the movie come up to the opening credits? It really does look like the opening to a Bond film.

  7. Denise Treadwell says:

    Love Dame Shirley, safe journey always.

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