What’s On In London?



As a writer you have to keep your mind alive and fresh, but living in London creates a unique problem; like museums that only display 5% of their treasures, I find I have little time to experience what’s going on in an average London week.

Yesterday I decided to have a virtual flick-through and see what’s happening right now in the middle of January. Here are a few of the larger events I found. I reckon the list represents about 10% of what’s on, and it’s still more than I could cover. I didn’t include theatre/ music/ sport/ restaurant/ bar/ cinema/ building/ monument/street market events because this post would have been ten feet long. One thing is sure; no-one could ever be stuck for ideas.

Lumiere Weekend – light art across London

Ocean Liners: Speed and Style – includes items from Titanic

Opera – Passion, Power & Politics – exhibition

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion – exhibition

Mischief Festival

Naked Neon Life Drawing – event

Let’s Talk About Death – talk

Lon Chaney in ‘The Unknown’ @ The Old Operating Theatre

Winnie-The-Pooh: Exploring A Classic – exhibition

Into The Woods: Trees in Photography – exhibition

Love & Desire in Gems and Jewels – talk

Stained Glass Portholes – talk

Harry Potter & The History of Magic – British Library

Venom – natural history exhibition

World Martini Challenge

Oscar Wilde Season – theatres across London

How To Be Confident @ The School of Life – event

Winter Lights at Canary Wharf – interactive

Re-creation of Sir Soane’s Ark of the Masonic Covenant

London And Fish – exhibition

Tove Jannson – Moomin artworks

Crime Scene Live! – interactive event

The world’s Plastic Problem – event

Pulse – What London’s data Looks Like – exhibition

(Un)Common Currency – exhibition

Basquiat – art show

Ghost notes – music

The History of Video Games

London Visions: Exaggerated Realities for Possible Futures – art show

Fighting For Empire – exhibition

Women’s March / Suffragettes Anniversary (across London)

Jon Snow’s Ties – WTF exhibition

The Impressionists in London – exhibition

Modigliani – art show

Rachel Whiteread – art show

Picasso – Love, fame, tragedy – art show

Ferrari: Under The Skin – art show

Encounters With Indian Medicine – exhibition

Monet and Architecture – art show





11 comments on “What’s On In London?”

  1. Rachel Green says:

    Now I want to be in London. With money I don’t have 🙂

  2. SimonB says:

    Yes, but what to do with the rest of the weekend?

    Times like these I do wish train tickets were cheaper.

  3. Brooke says:

    From London expats who have seen various shows above and whose opinions I respect because… well they’re crazy too…see “Opera” at the V&A; and Basquiat exhibition (speaking of horror and fantasy). Readers of this blog will of course attend local Women/Suffragette marches.

  4. Ken Mann says:

    The Royal Institution puts on all sorts of events. I attended a live animal dissection there last year. I treasure the memory of an animal pathologist introducing this by rubbing his hands and saying “well this is an animal I’ve certainly never seen inside so I’m sure we’re all in for an exciting evening”.

  5. Ken Mann says:

    NB – the dissection was live. The animal (a wallaby) was not.

  6. admin says:

    I just booked for one not on the list –
    Pluto @ The Barbican…Japanese performance art.

  7. Bill says:

    I shall attend all, if only in my imagination.

  8. Spike Garrett says:

    simonB -as an outer London pensioner, I’m eternally grateful for our free travel. Now, ig only the b….y legs worked !

  9. Spike Garrett says:

    Ig? If

  10. Helen Martin says:

    Yes, Spike. Legs make quite a difference, don’t they?

  11. Londonerguy says:

    Have you checked out IanVisits – it’s a pretty good way of finding out what’s on in London without having to wade through the tons of pages of theatres and plays that clog up the other website listings?


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