The Best & Worst Of 2017

Christopher Fowler
IMG_0789 For everyone it was an astonishing year in politics; bizarre, divisive and absurd by turns, Trump and Brexit occupying far too much of our energy and attention. Most have come to the realisation that leaving Europe has already damaged our finances and our international standing. Will Brexit have an upside? Perhaps, if it makes us rethink our attitudes to others. Travelling around the country this year I spoke to many sensible-minded folk who voted on either side, only to feel deceived and let down. Meanwhile, here are a few of the highs and lows for me.
It's impossible to choose a favourite novel because I read about a book a week across a wide range of subjects, and can't exactly recall everything I've read. My favourite play was 'Ink'. My favourite film choice is split between 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' and 'Dunkirk'. Favourite TV Show: 'Taboo'. Favourite Soundtrack: 'The Shape Of Water'. Favourite Exhibition: 'Pink Floyd at the V&A'. Really Annoying Novel I Still Enjoyed: 'Madness Is Better Than Defeat' - Ned Beauman. Favourite Author Rediscoveries: Cornell Woolrich and Margaret Millar's reissues. Most Consistently Interesting English Author: Kate Atkinson. Most Enjoyable Non-Fiction: Phillip Pullman's 'Daemon Voices' / 'Born Liars'/ 'Homo Deus' / Adam Kay's 'This Is Going To Hurt'. Favourite Fantasy: 'The Bullet Catcher's Daughter' - Ron Duncan /
'The Bedlam Stacks' - Natasha Pulley. Publications this year; 'Wild Chamber', 'Little Boy Found', 'Frightening' (short stories) and... Highlight of the year: The tour for 'The Book Of Forgotten Authors'. Coming up in March; 'Bryant & May: Hall of Mirrors', three new projects with dates yet to be set. No need for resolutions. They were made long ago. Onward!          


jeanette (not verified) Tue, 26/12/2017 - 22:45

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Lots of of highs and lows for me this year. Visits to places I have always wanted to go to, dream came true. Two deaths that were very sudden, and death of a brother in law that was on the cards.Who would have thought that Paul McCartneys 'Frog Chorus" could be so emotional, it was played at his service and will always be his song now.

I mentioned a while ago that I would be receiving Strange Tides for Christmas, and would be hoping to get a chapter in before cooking. Well my grandson helped me open that present and read the first paragraph to me, he is 5 years old, and then said I would like to read your books nanna.

Husband and I also got a gift of life on Christmas Day. W te were told we will be having another grandchild in July.

Hope things start getting better for you with the eyes.

Helen Martin (not verified) Wed, 27/12/2017 - 05:16

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Health has ruled our life this year and reading has been a lot of comfort re-reading to take myself away. Hoping for a better year upcoming for all of us, including you and your husband, Chris, it goes without saying.

Denise Treadwell (not verified) Wed, 27/12/2017 - 11:06

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I have no idea where the New Year will take me. I am full of anticipation! Although I have health problems, I am optimistic! My favourite film is Dunkirk, I think of my father, he would have been in Tangmere by then.

Jan (not verified) Wed, 27/12/2017 - 12:34

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Hope your eyes get better Chris.
All best to all for 2018. Enjoy the easy Christmas limbo days till 12th night

Debra Matheney (not verified) Wed, 27/12/2017 - 20:05

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Taboo was wonderful-dark and wonderfully acted for a new side of Regency England. LOVED IT.

May 2018 bring us all comfort from the crazy politics, health and lots of love.

Vivienne (not verified) Thu, 28/12/2017 - 00:24

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New Year's reolution is to keep a better diary so I actually remember the books, films and plays. But, more fresh air, more exotic places and more catching up with old friends already on my list. 2017 didn't seem great so maybe 18 will be better.

Look after yourself and your eyes, Chris, and happy new year to all.

ebeach (not verified) Fri, 29/12/2017 - 03:54

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Thanks for the great reads. Chris. 2017 was truly a bummer what with Trump and Brexit. Praying for a better - much better 2018. Happy New Year to both of you, and take good care of your eyes.