It’s been a hectic year. First, thanks to all the well-wishers who contacted me about my eye surgery. I’m OK, although I may not be illuminating any medieval manuscripts for a while. The timing was fortuitous, as I’m between books and need to recharge the batteries, ready to take a run at three new novels, all of them very different. The holiday we’ve planned is a bit last-minute and rather like one of those suburban route trains you sometimes get that stops in places you didn’t necessarily want to go. Which is why I’m going to Cuba via Amsterdam (don’t ask).

From Havana I’ll be heading to Mexico, finishing with a weekend in New York to catch up with old friends. I try to prepare a week in advance to cover the blog on those days when I can’t get to my main computer. I don’t want you to think I’m resting on my laurels, partly because I have no laurels to rest on, partly because there’s a mortgage to pay.

KENNETH WILLIAMS (to Tony Hancock) I suppose you can take a well-earned rest. You’ve made your pile, eh?

HANCOCK: (drily) Oh yes. No need to work again for a fortnight.

Next year there’ll be the new Bryant & May novel, my fantasy novel and a new thriller from LK Fox, plus other surprises. First though, a little bit of R&R. Vamos!


9 comments on “Vacaciones!”

  1. Jo W says:

    Enjoy yourselves,both of you and return refreshed and raring to type. 🙂

  2. Brooke says:

    You will fall in love with Cuba and go no farther. No writing, please. Just send photographs.
    Safe travels.

  3. davem says:

    Enjoy the break Chris.

  4. keith page says:

    Haven’t caught up with your site for quite a while.Best wishes of course for your eye problem and have a good holiday.’Hall of Mirrors’ looks great.

  5. Vivienne says:

    How refreshing to be away from this mad capitalist stuff. Keep the sunglasses on and enjoy.

  6. Rob C says:

    Enjoy your break! And don’t knock Amsterdam, it’s gonna be our new home (hopefully)

  7. Andy W. says:

    Enjoy you must check out ‘ La Bodeguita Del Medio ‘ in Havana Hemingways favourite bar !!!

  8. Helen Martin says:

    Enjoy the whole trip – notice you’re sticking with the Spanish language.

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