Tom Tryon, Forgotten Author & Alien Sex God



Well, I had eye surgery yesterday; the first step that I hope eventually restores my sight enough to work easily. I’m writing a longer piece on film and London for tomorrow, hopefully, but meanwhile here’s something else from the vaults. Like many old movies, this one has grown more interesting with hindsight. It’s a 50s science fiction B-movie, good enough to give it cult status, and a lot more fun when you know that the leading man, who became one of my ‘Forgotten Authors’ after the film he was making with Marilyn Monroe was halted by her death, lived with a male porn star.

Given the premise of the film – what will happen when a young bride discovers that she’s accidentally married…an alien freak! – it’s hard not to see this trailer in another light entirely.


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  1. Steveb says:

    I remember seeing that film at my school film club!!!
    Is that the same Thomas Tryon who wrote Harvest Home then?? I had no idea.

  2. admin says:

    He also wrote ‘Harvest Home’, filmed with Bette Davis, and ‘Fedora’, filmed by Billy Wilder.

  3. Jo W says:

    That was a good laugh for a Sunday morning! But,seriously,it does seem to explain the strange behaviour of many men -hmmmm

  4. Jo W says:

    I think I must be getting up too early. Have you slightly rewritten this blog? I didn’t see your comment about your eye operation,perhaps I need one. Anyway, I wish you well for your recovery but please take time to rest your sight. We can wait. 😉

  5. Ian Luck says:

    One of a tiny handful of 1950’s science fiction movies I’ve never watched, along with ‘The Monolith Monsters’, ‘The Man From Planet X’, and ‘The Twonky’. Yes, that last one is a movie, directed by Arch Oboler. Why don’t people have names like that anymore? Leo, Lionel, Rex, etc. All gone, replaced by ‘sheep’ names, where people don’t think, but just name their kids after someone on TV. The number of girls born in the late 1980’s in the UK, and named ‘Kylie’, after the delectable Ms. Minogue, must be vast. Nowadays, they’re Luke, and Josh, and Sam. I know dozens. It’s slightly tedious, to be frank. A lot of people don’t realise that most names have a meaning, a reason to be a name. I know several people whose first name is ‘Cohen’, which is a traditional Jewish surname (I once knew an Israeli sea captain called Schmeul Cohen, a brilliant character, who radioed our office once to tell me that his main radio on his ship, the MV. ‘PALMACH’ was failing, so I asked him what spares to order, to which his reply was basically: “Sort that out when we dock. In the meantime, go to the Chandlery and get some Whisky”. A lovely bloke.). None of these people are slightly Jewish, and what does it take for a surname to become a forename?

  6. admin says:

    I suspect that Lionel and Rex were named after film stars, Ian!

    You’re not going mad, Jo – I often tweak the blogs. Just in case anyone’s looking back through them.

  7. Denise Treadwell says:

    Thinking of Day of the Triffids! Are you sure you are able to write?

  8. Brooke says:

    In awe of your discipline. Join with others who wish you well in your recovery and definitely agree with Jo. Rest your sight.

    Hmmm…late fifties Cold War/sexual/racial/political angst film…where the women have to be rescued by a few real men. Sets the stage so well for the sixties.

  9. Ian Luck says:

    Lionel Attwill, Lionel Jeffries, Rex Harrison, Rex Reason – although when I hear the name ‘Rex’, I think of ‘Airplane’: “Get me Rex Kramer!”

  10. Jill Hutchinson says:

    Rex Reason whose less known actor brother was Rhodes Reason!!!! They don’t name ’em like they used to!!!

  11. Jill Hutchinson says:

    Ooops, that should have been “lesser known”.

  12. Ian Luck says:

    Rex Reason, whose fine square jaw juts imperiously through 1955’s magnificent ‘This Island Earth’, has to be the epitomy of the hero in 1950’s sci-fi. Completely unflappable, Nuclear Physicist, Pilot, and two-fisted rescuer of swooning ladies, whilst being kidnapped, and taken to an alien planet in a flying saucer, with not a hair out of place. What a guy.

  13. Ian Luck says:

    My mind wandered a bit whilst writing the above. After ‘Unflappable’, I should have put: ‘His character, Professor Cal Meacham,’ if you insert that, it makes more sense. Cheers.

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