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Turning out some old boxes the other day (something I do not recommend unless you are in a very good mood) I found an awful lot of old press clippings talking lots of rubbish about me in interviews, some lovely correspondence from writers as diverse as Tanith Lee, JG Ballard and Victoria Wood, and this old theatre review from a provincial newspaper, which was sadly missing its masthead and is now impossible to place, although I suspect it may be called something like the Keswick Advertiser;

‘A production of Hamlet by the Keswick Polytechnic includes the following changes; the text has been cut to fifteen minutes ‘because there are other things on the bill’ and retitled Hamlette ‘because we could only get two male actors’, said Miss Joanna Ripe, the director.

‘The whole thing is set in a nunnery,’ she explained. ‘We gave Claudia – Hamlette’s aunt – most of Polonius’s lines because she learned his part by mistake.’

Miss Ripe has added several new roles to the play; Joyce, Hamlette’s sister and best pal, Dinah, a blackamoor, whose part is made up of lines taken from Romeo and Juliet ‘with the dirt removed’, and Louise, a girl disguised as a deaf-mute who drowns herself out of pique.’

6 comments on “Support Your Local Theatre!”

  1. C Falconer says:

    I would see that!

  2. Crprod says:

    Perhaps they should tour America and give a performance at the White Hpuse.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    It didn’t occur to them to give it a totally new title? It sounds like a different play altogether and is the nunnery a religious or an ironic one?

  4. Roger says:

    Did it appear on April 1st?
    Hamlette may have been inspired by the silent film version starring Asta Nielsen, in which she is a woman disguised as a man

  5. Steveb says:

    Not April 1st was it?!

  6. admin says:

    No, it was a real play, not on April 1st!

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