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I’m at Bristol Crimefest, talking with authors and publishers about books and what’s ahead. Bits of Bristol like the Christmas Steps are charming, although the city seems to have endless building works. The Crimefest writers and guests are erudite and great fun to hang out with, and there are some terrific US writers I hadn’t discovered like Bill Beverly and CJ Box, who’ve encouraged me to go home with so many heavy bags of new books. Plus, there’s the genial conviviality of the Crime Writers Association members – so if you’re a budding crime author or an experienced one, you should seriously think about attending events like this.

Downsides? The Marriott hotel is rather trapped in the 1990s and still charges for wi-fi, plus the inevitable clash of panels means you can’t be everywhere at once – but the events are of a high calibre and there’s pretty much something for every fiction lover.

I’m getting interest in my upcoming thriller (out first as an e-book on July 6th, then later as a print novel), and from ‘The Book of Forgotten Authors’ (print, October 26th), with the usual accusations of being too prolific! (I already had ‘Bryant & May: Wild Chamber’ and the e-collection of new stories, ‘Frightening’, out earlier this year). Coming early next year are a new  Bryant & May, the 1960s-set ‘Hall of Mirrors’, followed by ‘The Foot on the Crown’, about London in the Dark Ages.

There’s another panel first thing tomorrow, then I’m back to London and on to Barcelona, and on to Kos for a week off on a boat with a group of friends from London and Washington. I’ll be touring later in the year for ‘Forgotten Authors’, and prepping a new project I’m very excited about, along with new Bryant & Mays, the novel ‘Crazy Lady’, and hopefully more LK Fox novels. I’m not quite sure how I’ve only ended up with only one week’s holiday this year, but writing’s what I love best so it’s (almost) like a vacation to me!TBOFA HB

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  1. Jo W says:

    So much work for you Christopher,but so much for us to look forward to. 🙂

  2. Diogenes says:

    “Christmas Steps” is one of Mogwai’s greatest songs and I never knew where they got the title from until I read this post. I should add that I just finished “Wild Chamber” and loved it. The cause of death of the little boy might sound improbable to some but I have seen something very similar with almost nothing to see in the conjunctiva (pink part of the eye). Missing it is a notorious and potentially fatal (or at least eyeball-losing) mistake.

  3. brooke says:

    Is launching “Big Words” still on Mr. Fowler’s very long 2017 list?
    I would like to know more about how he chooses what to read. Most of us are time poor (and wallet poor) and need to be selective. Advice on how to be selective yet explore new authors, etc?

  4. admin says:

    Big Words will be back. Choosing what to read is very difficult for me – watch for the upcoming post on it this week!

  5. malou roth says:

    I just finished Wild Chamber and it was wonderful. I love your books and thank you for all you do to make people like me happy.

  6. Steveb says:

    Hi Chris
    You obviously love writing very much. I’d be very curious to know a bit more about that if you ever have the feeling. Is it creating the prose, is it using the different character voices that you can call up, … ??? You write often about reading, or about the technicalities of writing, but not about what it is that drives you to write day after day, and not just write but also rewrite.

  7. Helen Martin says:

    Bristol is a strange place. I didn’t see the Christmas Steps, that I know of, but how about the horn bridge? I’ve never successfully described it except in engineering terms – look it up. Watch out for sudden rain, Chris.

  8. Becca Churchill says:

    Just wanted to say a huge thank to you for your wonderful books. I’m visiting Bristol to support my daughter who’s had her first baby. To prevent me from losing the plot – there’s only so much baby related stuff I can take – I have re-read ‘The Invisible Code’ and I have two more books to read.
    I lived in Bristol for five years and you’re right, there is non-stop building work. Apparently, it’s the second biggest financial centre after London which may account for it.

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