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Bryant and May

B&M 16 WC

Do books (and book covers) have to reflect our lives as they’re lived right now?

I never really intended my detectives to become topical avatars, but it’s hard not to mirror the times in which we live. In a future book I’ll be looking at the state of the nation, but for 2018’s novel I’ll be doing something new (for me at least) – putting Bryant & May into a late period Agatha Christie-style novel. All will be explained in due course. I’m in Barcelona writing it now, phone off, shut in the man-cave, ignoring the glorious sunshine outside, turning down offers to parties including one full of fashion models – fashion models for Christ’s sake!the things I do for you lot!)

When asked what he had sacrificed for art, Samuel Beckett replied; ‘I have fairly often not gone to parties.’ Good enough for him, good enough for me.

So, meanwhile here comes the next Bryant & May novel, ‘Wild Chamber’, very exciting, agent loves it, publisher seems really happy, might even get a contract for some more, not exactly Girl on a Train sales but I guess we’re breaking even. I wish the girl on the train would fall off it, but no, it’s still pleasing remedial readers everywhere. I’m thinking of writing a murder mystery set in a railway siding called Train on a Girl. Let you know how that turns out.

Sorry, where were we? Ah yes, the book after ‘Wild Chamber’, ‘Hall of Mirrors’, for that will be its title. But first ‘Wild Chamber’ arrives in about 6 weeks’ time. I’ll be signing and reading wherever I’m sent, and I’ll post the details here. I might even give away a few copies if you’re nice.

So, to the business of the day. At the top of the page is the final UK cover for ‘Wild Chamber’. At the bottom is the mooted US cover. Comments and preferences please! All opinions welcome.


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  1. admin says:

    Thank you, a nice round fifty. The result, 48 – 2, will go to my publishers and they will act accordingly – watch this space!

  2. Nicola Rossi says:

    Definitely the first one

  3. Matt says:

    A bit late to add my comment, never been so far down the list before… I much prefer the UK cover. I like the covers and how they all sit nicely together on the shelf like a piece of art. I have them all in hardback you see and they need to continue as they have done for the piece of art that is B&M to grow.

  4. Philip Jackson says:

    I know I’m way too late to influence any outcome for the vote, and it’s gone the way I’d hope it would anyway, but I just thought I’d let you know that it is the distinctive UK covers which prompted me to buy the first Bryant and May novel (my edition has one of the ‘wrong’ covers!). I love this style of art – it’s so uniquely British, evokes all the right atmosphere, and reminds me of the old railway posters. Please never change the artwork! Best wishes. Philip

  5. I discovered this series through its covers. So cover #1 is for me! I won’t even pick up a book that has some modern, wired concept. If the cover passes inspection, I read the blurb, and with key words that call to me, I’m all in. I love Bryant and May, love the settings and the great writing. I have written on my blog several times about these great reads. I got mad at this favorite author the other day when he weighed in about our American elections, but after writing somewhere in response, “Leave American politics to us!” i have resumed my admiration for Christopher Fowler’s world. I LOVE the Bantom Books paperback cover art by Sarah Coleman and Cover Design by James S. Warren.

  6. Glynna Bowood says:

    AH!! This IS timely, though my response is not. Moving on… I almost sent a missive to you enquiring where I could obtain your Bryant and May series in the ( at that time ) distinctive black bottomed covers as I wanted to acquire the whole set with those covers. So let’s hope that ONE DAY, this happy dream may be accomplished and I have a lovely set; of course, then someone will decide to change them…sigh.

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