Monthly Archives: November 2016

Chocks Away!

There are certain books your dad had on his dad shelf, and if he was anything like my father, he’ll have had a few dogeared Nevil Shutes and Eric Amblers. I was going to feature these two authors in my forthcoming book ‘The Book of Forgotten Authors’ from Quercus, but the editors feel that Shute […]

Anybody Up For Fanny?

It was quite hard (sorry) finding an image for this article. We’re British of course, and the avoidance of discussing anything to do with gusset-bothering was once (along with having a splendid navy) what made our nation great. Prudery in public, licentiousness in private resulted in the peculiar situation set out here. Novelist John Cleland […]

The Reinvention Of The London Club

A former employee of mine asked an LA cab driver to take him to Soho House and was told, disdainfully; ‘You’ll never get in, it’s exclusive.’ London’s old private clubs like Whites and the Garrick were anachronistic and really only suited for filming ‘Sherlock Holmes’ episodes in, so a new generation of private clubs had […]

Why You Need To Watch Korean Films

Hollywood’s most original thrillers tend to come from the smaller studios. Films like ‘The Invitation’ and ‘The Guest’ worked really well, but they’re relatively low budget chamber pieces. A great action film needs more than just stunts and set pieces (and we must know now after sitting through endless identical Tom Cruise films). Korean cinema […]

Review: ‘Embrace Of The Serpent’

How I missed this in cinemas is mystifying but I won’t forgive myself for not seeing it in the big screen; a transcendent, elegiac masterpiece directed by Ciro Guerra that feels like a bookend to ‘Heart Of Darkness’. ‘Embrace of the Serpent’ plots the parallel journeys of two pairs, each a European explorer and a […]