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Although I’m currently at work on several new hardbacks, I haven’t neglected the electronic releases of my past books. I’ve been working with Penguin Random House to republish all the volumes which have been out of print for years, all with new introductions and covers, at low prices.

So far available are Rune, Red Bride, Disturbia, Psychoville, Soho Black, The Curse of Snakes, Calabash, and the collections City Jitters, The Bureau of Lost Souls, Sharper Knives and Flesh Wounds.

Coming up in January is my ‘Devil Quartet’ – Personal Demons, The Devil in Me, Old Devil Moon and Demonized. Finally at the start of March come my most recent works, Red Gloves Volumes 1 and 2, and a set of recent stories that have not  been collected  before, called Frightening.

For the completist (and there are apparently a few out there) are there any stories missing? We’ve been doing our best to track down a handful of stray tales, including SF story ‘The Trafalgar Lockdown’ and others which appeared in volumes like Uncut, which was a ‘Best Of’ collection cheekily put out by my old publishers after I left them. Sometimes I have written tales for charities which have not been collected, but I hope to track them all down eventually and will post them free here once I’ve transcribed them.

Looking back at the novels and short stories now I can see the genesis of Bryant & May, and so many threads in my work that resurface again and again. One is the appearance of characters who form pairs or doubles. Another is a strong moral thread in which the guilty are made to pay in oblique and unusual ways. There are a lot of stories which take traditional themes and ideas only to turn them upside down – like the revenge novel ‘Psychoville’ or short stories like ‘The Most Boring Woman In The World’.

Finally, I’d like to extend an offer to all film students interested in making a short film based on one of my short stories. If you care to DM me @Peculiar on Twitter I will grant you a free option to film the story, on the condition that you send me a finished copy on DVD. Many students have done this in the past and the results have been intriguing, with one or two award-winning gems emerging.

There are hundreds of stories to choose from, all open to interpretation in any way you wish without interference from the author. I do this because as the ex-head of a film company I know just how hard it is to clear adaptation material, and would love to see fresh talent emerge from the UK film & TV industries.



7 comments on “More Backlist Publications & A Film Student Offer”

  1. Rachel Green says:

    You rock, sir. I almost wish I was a film student, now.

  2. Wayne #1 says:

    Could you be the most hard working Author out there? Thanks for the new collection I will be downloading it once its available, of course I would love a real physical book of Frightening as well as the Ebook. I also look forward to reading the other misplaced stories when you find them… More Books More Books More More More! So excited now I can hardly contain myself 😉

  3. admin says:

    You see, readers? This is how to win over an author! With flattery and purchasing power!

  4. Adam says:

    I’d love to see the end result of the film student work; any chance of curating an event at some point?

  5. John Howard says:

    Adam that sounds like it could be a very good bun fight.. I’m sure admin could arrange it, he hasn’t much on at the moment. 🙂

  6. Davem says:

    I agree with Wayne and would also love to see a hard copy of ‘Frightening’.

  7. Peter Lee says:

    Guess “How To Impersonate Famous People” and “The Ultimate Party Book” won’t be reissued then? Better hang on to my paperbacks 😉

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