Evangelists: Isis On A Profit-Share



What happened to turn freedom-loving Brazil into the world’s most dangerous place to be gay? Incredibly, 1,500 people have been murdered in anti-LGBT hate attacks over the last four years. The actual count is likely to be a lot higher because these are just the figures officially held by police.

Likewise rising crime figures in Uganda, Russia, Nigeria, Belize and other countries are caused by an insidious homophobia engineered in America. US evangelicals are whipping up anti-gay fervour and have already transformed a hard-right religious 5 percent of the Brazilian population to nearly 25 percent today. Their leaders trained in the US and export the Christian right’s extreme homophobia to the Brazil.

It’s important to recognise that many Christians disapprove of them. Evangelists attempted to inspire hate in London (they can be found outside stations during rush hour) but they’ve met with no success.

These groups are run by people like Scott Lively from Springfield, Mass., who introduces himself as a leading expert on the ‘international homosexual agenda’, whatever that is. Millions of dollars have been funneled from anti-LGBT conservatives to Uganda, funding local pastors and training them. Uganda now has anti-homosexual laws thanks to them. In Russia, Putin passed a law that criminalizes distribution of ‘gay propaganda’ including any material that ‘equates the social value of traditional and nontraditional sexual relations.’

Of course, there’s money to be made from this, and Lively and his pals have their snouts deep in the trough. They work best in credulous, unsophisticated countries where their gibberish doctrines won’t be questioned very deeply and suit government agendas.

But as countries fall to the right in protests about being ignored by governments, hate crime gets a foothold. I spent enough of my life fighting for my rights. The worry is that those who haven’t will remain complacent until it’s too late – again.

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  1. Brian Evans says:

    We are told by “Christians” that we are made in God’s image. So why, then, has he “made” some of us gay? Do they have the impertinence to question everything else He does?

  2. John Griffin says:

    As a left-wing straight guy, it is a sobering reminder that our battles for liberty and equality are shared battles with many other groups in society, against forces that are gaining a massive foothold across the world.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    (You’re sure God is a male, Brian?) I spend so much of my time cringing these days.
    Heard an interview with an Episcopalian (Anglican) priest (in Beanblossom Indiana – sounds like Midsummer Night’s Dream) who came to church on Sunday to find swastikas and anti gay graffiti on the walls. They’re leaving it up because, “We want people to know that we welcome everyone,” was how she put it. There are two versions of all these issues and you have to remember – please – that the believing community is *not* all one. Sometimes I wish that the Creator would clarify matters with a few well placed lightning bolts; hoping that I would turn up on the uncharred side.
    And, yes, (s)he did make Adam and Steve.

  4. Wayne Mook says:

    We are still in the grip of austerity measures, the bank of England hopes to stop bailing out the banks by 2020, so they have to divert attention, with Brexit & Trump foreigners have been targeted, now it the turn of other groups to scapegoat.

    Lessons from history, who is next? Divide and conquer. The old tactics.

    And for those who missed the history eventually next will be anyone who goes against the government and the rich AKA big business.

    It’s times like this we have to come together.


  5. Brian Evans says:

    Whoops, sorry Helen., I stand corrected. I’m not sure of anything any more.

  6. Brian Evans says:

    PS Helen. Yes, god must be a man. A woman wouldn’t have made such a mess of things.

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