USA, Get Ready For My Backlist


Red Gloves 1&2

I’ve had many enquiries from American friends asking if my backlist of around twenty books would become available there for Kindle, Kobo, etc. The volumes are being released in sets in the UK and Europe at the moment, with The Curse of Snakes and Calabash due in about three weeks.

I’ve now signed a deal for Roofworld, Spanky, Disturbia, Red Gloves, Psychoville and Calabash to be made available electronically stateside, with more volumes to follow. The prices will be kept low, and all will come with the new specially created covers and introductions.

This is great news for me, as while many of these books appeared in versions across Europe as far as Russia (and you should see the covers of those babies) it will be the first time they’ve ever appeared in the USA, although the darkness of some of the titles may come as a shock to anyone who has only read the Bryant & May series.

Watch for dates (they’re not listed yet on Amazon), but they should start appearing pretty soon.

4 comments on “USA, Get Ready For My Backlist”

  1. Brooke says:

    Oh, joy! Oh, rapture.

  2. M says:

    Fantastic news!

  3. snowy says:

    The juxtaposition of the post title and the image of close-fitting gloves being drawn on, especially with an erect finger.

    Does suggest that America might be about to receive this boon, somewhat unexpectedly and vigorously up the ‘Southern States’. In the manner most feared by those passing through airport security.

    [But, if they elect a clown for President, they are all going to get rogered anyway.]

  4. John Howard says:

    snowy, they might be lucky and find out, whilst being so rogered as you so colourfully point out, that the gloves are made of silk.
    If they elect the clown, it’s always possible they will turn out to be made from sows ears.

    Mr W Shakespeare’s father may have further information.

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