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Bryant and May

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This is the cover of the new Bryant & May novel, out in May, and here’s the full synopsis:


In which Mr May Takes A Walk In The Park

And Mr Bryant Gets Lost In The Wilderness


Our story begins at the end of an investigation, as the members of the Peculiar Crimes Unit race to catch a killer near London Bridge Station in the rain, not realising that they’re about to cause a bizarre accident just yards away from the crime scene. The accident will have repercussions for them all…

One year later, in an exclusive London crescent, a woman walks her dog – but she’s being watched. When she’s found dead the Peculiar Crimes Unit is called in to investigate. Why? Because the method of death is odd, the gardens are locked, the killer had no way in or out and the dog has disappeared.

At first it looks like a typical case for Bryant & May, but further mysteries surround the victim – a missing husband, a lost nanny and a killer who could strike again…

Arthur Bryant investigates the hidden history of London’s ‘wild chambers’ – its extraordinary parks and gardens, while John May and his staff (now with a new member) find they’ve caused a national scandal. If no-one is safe then all of London’s open spaces must be shut at night, and that may be just what an ambitious politician with an agenda wants…

With the members of the PCU placed under house arrest, only Arthur Bryant remains free – but can one old codger catch the criminal and save the unit before it’s too late?

I haven’t edited or proofed the book yet but it’s up on Amazon. I think this is the longest novel in the series.

18 comments on “The New Bryant & May”

  1. ann y says:

    Looking fw to reading it but that’s quite a few months for me to be all worried about whether the dog turns up safe and sound!!!

  2. Wayne's 1st says:

    It sounds great Mr F. I have had it on Pre-order for a while now. Amazon are quite good at getting books up one their site well in advance. The art work for this one looks fabulous too.

  3. Jo W says:

    What? I’ve to wait until May? How am I to get through the winter? 🙁

  4. Michael D Hill says:

    As an old codger myself, I am really looking forward to a solo outing for Arthur. Wrinklies Rule!

  5. Sue Bridgland says:


  6. Stephen says:

    Hi Chris, it’s a good cover. The publishing date for the book is still March on Amazon.

  7. davem says:

    very exciting

  8. Helen Turnage says:

    Great Cover. Looking forward to it.

  9. admin says:

    Oh is it March? It might be. I knew it began with an M.

  10. John Howard says:

    Hooorah, a reprieve of 2 months.. Flags, bunting and general merriment ensue.

  11. Helen Martin says:

    March or May I will get through the winter by rereading the canon, or as much of it as I have (missing Soho Black), and then feeling up to date will tackle the new one. General merriment indeed.
    Can I assume that the rather colourful cover shown will be on the British publication only? Ah, so it’s .uk for ordering again.

  12. mel says:

    Sounds great! Do very early preorders help writers at all?

  13. keith page says:

    Great cover; is it a different artist? By the way, my French relatives were most intrigued with the ‘Casebook’

  14. Diogenes says:

    Beautiful cover. Reminds me of an Edward Hopper.

  15. admin says:

    I bet they were Keith! The cover artist did the last two. We’ve actually had four artists but the key was keeping the designer.

    Early pre-orders make no difference to me, sadly.

  16. Helen Martin says:

    Except as encouragement.

  17. Gay Kirchner says:

    New book yay!!! Right now I’m listening to all the Bryant and May books from I must say the narrator Tim Goodman is excellent. A different voice for every character just as I pictured them. I see Arthur looking like the actor Lionel Jeffries and the voice matches. Can’t wait.

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