A New Take On Capital Crime



After the revelation that gangsta rap videos were helping to reduce gun crime in London by teaching morons to hold guns the wrong way comes this latest twist in fighting crime.

It’s been talked about for a long time but has now reached us locally. Officers from Islington, North London, recovered two drones carrying mobile phones and drugs in the vicinity of Pentonville Prison as part of Operation Airborne, which was set up to catch offenders attempting to deliver contraband into the prison.

Officers observed a man acting suspiciously close to the prison. On seeing police he ran from the scene, dropping bags containing Class B drugs and mobiles.

The following day officers recovered a drone after tracking it flying over the prison before it crashed. Later, they were alerted to another low flying drone which was ‘stopped mid-flight by an officer’ (how?) and a package containing a large quantity of drugs and phones was recovered.

As I’m planning a new series of crime novels to run beside the Bryant & May books, this goes into my file of interesting stuff to use. Clearly times have changed, and criminals no longer use harpoons to try and get into police stations (See fig.2)


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  1. John Howard says:

    Not heard of the film before ( I’m sadly lacking in my studies, sorry admin ), but what a collection of British character actors. ( OK, I know Sid was born in South Africa but I still think of him as British )

  2. Matt2 says:

    A new series to run along side B&M…. Tell us more! You can’t just sneak a comment in like that and not tell us more….

  3. C Falconer says:

    …‘stopped mid-flight by an officer’… I would love to think it was by a thrown (old fashioned) helmet, or he happened to have a cricket ball about his person, but I’m guessing not.

  4. John says:

    People are doing all sorts of absurd and intrusive things with drones and attached video cameras. You may be a victim of spying and not even know it. Just type “drone videos” in the search box at YouTube and find out what’s going on. My favorite is the fate of a spying video-drone at what looks like a Renaissance festival in Russia.

  5. Wayne Mook says:

    There was a report of a drone being used at Wandsworth Prison, the couple were chased by police, the female passenger was killed when the car crashed. In one report it was thought this could be the first non-military related drone death.


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