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Well it is this week. As I work on my laptop streaming music without lyrics (words interfere when you’re trying to write dialogue) and we slide into the weekend it’s a relief to play something with vocals.

With a new original musical, ‘La La Land’, opening this year’s Venice Film Festival, and ‘Wicked’ coming to film, maybe it’s time to reassess the form and remember there were highs and (very low) lows. But like the western, the musical never quite dies.

So, here’s Cheryl Barnes in a storming number which reminds me why Milos Forman was one of the best directors ever to work in Hollywood. He brings a European eye to the unspoken story he packs into this song while using only two viewpoints; Barnes’ face and what she sees; the partner refusing to take responsibility for their child. The whole film still looks amazingly fresh.

At the opposite end of the scale, what the hell was this?

Dig the crazy lyrics in the middle of this jive ditty! Here are the Greek muses imagined by Hollywood (who later had another go in ‘Xanadu’). It’s one of the few songs I can think of that mentions both Sigmund Freud and Cross & Blackwell. Questions abound: Why does everyone look so short? Who thought purple and green naturally complemented each other? And what’s on those gals’ heads, Christmas tree decorations? (clip is a bit chopped up but it’s all that’s available).

2 comments on “Friday Is Music Day”

  1. Wayne Mook says:

    Good grief how styles change, and a fun tune to end up with, Friday night is still music night on radio 2.


  2. Crprod says:

    Her list even included Liggett & Myers. When we moved to Durham, NC in the seventies, it was already on the downhill slope. Old timers here attributed its downfall to over acquisition and selecting someone from a dog food company as its new president.

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