The New Site Just Broke its Record



Stress and frustration

I loved my first website, so smart, so sexy – so unvisited. People simply couldn’t operate it easily enough and gave up, and I can’t blame them. How many times did I watch the pinwheel while trying to load a site? When we stripped back the website this week and made it less stylish but more user-friendly, I had no idea what the overall effect would be on usage. To be honest, I thought it might go down a bit.

So I’ve been amazed by the response. It turns out that what you wanted wasn’t chic design at all but ease of use. I’ve barely been able to keep up with the level of correspondence. A couple of people posted hate mail about the Brexit conversation, then blocked their addresses, but I guess that’s all part of the debate, and my back is broad enough to take the the criticism. As you know, I consider it my responsibility to keep the site genuinely interactive, so I talk to readers whenever I can. It’s great and I love it, I’ve just got to remember to write books!

One of the nicest things is to have had the privilege of meeting so many of you over the last two years, and I hope this continues. I’m not a writer who hides behind his books and welcome spirited argument. if there’s anything you’d like more to see on this site, just let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate.


3 comments on “The New Site Just Broke its Record”

  1. George Mealor says:

    The site is growing on me.

  2. Matt says:

    Happy Days! To be honest I haven’t noticed any difference. It has always worked well for me, even if is do have to enlarger the text every time I visit the site (not your problem just my eyesight). Top marks Mr F. its so nice to be able to interact with he person behind all those lovely books.

  3. John Howard says:

    I heartily endorse Matt’s comment. Have been a visitor to the blog for many years, on and off, and whilst I like the new look the more important thing is the content.

    The quality of that hasn’t changed amin and we, your readers, are glad…..

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