‘Bryant & May: Strange Tide’ On YouTube

Bryant and May

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  1. Peter says:


  2. Gary Hart says:

    Just finished Strange Tide, not at all disappointed.
    As usual it is thoroughly brilliant.

    Oh yes, thanks for bringing Arthur back!

  3. davem says:

    enjoyed that, cheers

  4. Laura Humphrey says:

    Agree, so pleased Arthur is back, I would be quite bereft without a regular fix

  5. Love love love
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    love love

  6. Michelle dempsey says:

    Listened to it on audible read by the wonderful Tim Goodman, great story the boys are back in town, long live the PCU.

  7. Helen Martin says:

    I waited and waited to put in my order so I’m waiting for mine. The wait will be worth it and that piece of film would encourage almost anyone to start the series.Lovely use of that wonderful theme music, too. Absolutely fabulous hairdo in there, too (no names).

  8. Ron Lucas says:

    Fascinating, at 4 minutes and 10 seconds into the clip a character appears behind Admin. Behaving in an eccentric manner. Tall and tidy. Could this be an appearance of Mr John May?

  9. Peter says:

    I finished Strange Tide last night. What a cracking read! I couldn’t put the book down (and when finally finished I noticed that it was 1.15 AM already). I love the plot twists and the tone of the book. A wonderful addition to a wonderful series!

  10. Lynne Cleaver says:

    Pleeeze — when is strnge tide to be published in the United States??

  11. snowy says:

    Are you sitting down Lynne?

    Deep breath……….

    From the Penguin Random House website:

    December 13 2016. RRP $27.00

    [You could import a currently available UK copy for about the same or less money!]

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