It’s Miserable Out So Here’s A Bit Of Comic Genius

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Stewart Lee on those damned immigrants, from his BBC show. Priceless, bizarre, mad. Buy his books and DVDs.

2 comments on “It’s Miserable Out So Here’s A Bit Of Comic Genius”

  1. Wayne Mook says:

    I agree their is too much reality,


  2. Steve says:

    The Anglo Saxons weren’t so good for the Welsh though.
    It’s weird a little bit for me to watch something like this because I live in Frankfurt and Sofia as well as London, and you can tell he doesn’t really know anything about Bulgaria.
    For me personally, it’s funny/ironic that (being of a certain age) I can remember the times of “auf Wiedersehen, Pet” when Brits were going over to Germany and fixing stuff for the lazy Germans. Now it’s Poles going to the UK fixing stuff for the lazy Brits.
    To end my ramble, here’s a graph I think is interesting

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