Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Importance Of Social Media For Writers

Once writers were assigned PRs who booked them on radio, took them around the country, sat them in bookshop windows and handled the printing of ads and in-store posters. It was expensive for publishers and not always successful. If writers were known in other areas of the media the public were more receptive, but most […]

Bond Is Back (But He Never Went Away)

There are certain constancies to British life, things which have been set in place all my life; the Queen, London, the Beatles and Bond being among them. Every generation is seeing changes of course but London has a fundamentally stable culture. The first 007 book was published when I was 5 years old, and I’m […]

The Shock Of The Familiar

In Dominic Sandbrook’s ‘The Great British Dream Factory’ (now also a TV series) the author points out that far from bursting upon the music scene and shocking the world, the Beatles were as carefully planned as any boyband, with one member fired, an orchestrated assault on public wallets and a manager who knew how to […]

Childhood’s Nightmare Creatures

I’ve posted a little before about strange childhood books – culled from my weekly column in the Independent, ‘Invisible Ink’, which just hit its 300th column today and will appear as its own book at the end of next year – but here’s a further exploration of childhood creepies. I tried searching for a book […]