Films Which Have Really Peculiar Moments In Them No.3


thankgoditsfriday_hmHere’s one where the peculiar moment comes in the opening moment of the film. ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ is a now forgotten movie set in a disco-era nightclub that’s stuffed to the gills with soon-to-be big stars including a then-unknown Donna Summer and Jeff Goldblum! But even as the film starts, the disco beat has an effect on everyone.

2 comments on “Films Which Have Really Peculiar Moments In Them No.3”

  1. snowy says:

    Saw this as part of a double bill with something? When the local cinema started doing re-runs of older films on Thursday nights. It is quite a fun piece of fluff.

    [Might have been paired with ‘Carwash’ or perhaps I’m just constructing a false memory.]

  2. Colin Quinton says:

    When this came out on DVD I took it back to HMV and got a refund saying that it was too bad even for my taste

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