‘The Burning Man’ & ‘London’s Glory’ Arrive Next Week!

Bryant and May


Occasionally on this site you have to endure a spot of advertising. So; the paperback of Bryant & May: The Burning Man and Bryant & May: London’s Glory arrive together on a suitably incendiary night – November the 5th, the latter sporting this mad cutaway drawing of the Peculiar Crimes Unit by Keith Page. There’s no official launch party (unless Transworld are holding one without telling me) but I’ll be signing all around town, so if you’re a bookseller or blogger and have a specific request for signed copies or interviews, please let me know below and I’ll pass them on to ‘my people’.

If you haven’t read ‘The Burning Man’ (and there’s a good chance you haven’t as I’m writing them faster than most people read), here’s a taster.

The squat ivy-covered building was home to the St Pancras Coroner’s Office, and as Arthur Bryant stumped up the winding path to the front door, he caught a glimpse of Rosa Lysandrou’s pale face peering out of a lead-light window at  him.

            ‘Thank Goodness that was you,’ he said cheerfully as the housekeeper opened the door. ‘For a horrible moment I thought it was Miss Jessel from The Turn Of The Screw.’

            ‘I don’t know what that means,’ said Rosa flatly, ’but I suppose you are being rude as usual.’ She stood aside to allow him entrance.

            Bryant tentatively extended his walking stick into the hall as if checking for land-mines. ‘It’s a book. And a film. And an opera. Do you enjoy reading?’

            ‘I enjoyed Fifty Shades Of Grey.’

            Bryant quailed at the thought. ‘That’s not really reading, is it? More like staring at an assortment of words.’

            ‘It is very popular.’

            ‘So is taking photographs of your dinner for Facebook but that doesn’t mean it adds to the total sum of human knowledge.’

And here are a couple of reviews:

 ‘This is the 12th novel to feature the fabulously unorthodox detectives Arthur Bryant and John May and their colleagues at London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit. With the City in chaos as anti-capitalist protesters, enraged by the latest banking scandal, don Guy Fawkes masks and take to the streets, the octogenarian pair find themselves pitted against a killer who is taking advantage of the mayhem to dispatch his victims in a variety of ingenious ways, all fire-related. Fowler, an unashamed anorak, takes delight in stuffing his books with esoteric facts; together with a cast of splendidly eccentric characters ranging from white witches to unfrocked and potty academics, corkscrew plots, wit, verve and some apposite social commentary, they make for unbeatable fun.’ – The Guardian

‘Christopher Fowler is such a complete writer, marrying plot with character seamlessly and never choosing the easy way out with character arcs. Add in the huge background colour of the City and Arthur Bryant’s tales of its past (and of a variety of other topics as well) and you get such a reading experience. It’s like the bastard lovechild of Poirot, your favourite soap opera and QI. In a good way. Oh, and it’s also laugh-out-loud funny in places. Which makes certain parts all the more powerful – Chapter 35, for example, brought me to tears. And that’s only halfway through…don’t forget the tissues…’ -  Classic Mystery

Meanwhile, much to my amazement and surprise, ‘The Sand Men’ continues to pick up some bloody amazing reviews. And I didn’t think anyone would like it. Glad I spent so long on it after all. Job done. Move on.


11 comments on “‘The Burning Man’ & ‘London’s Glory’ Arrive Next Week!”

  1. Jo W says:

    Looking forward to getting a copy of both Sand Men and London’s Glory,next week. So sorry to have had to miss the last launch at FB. It sounded quite a crowded affair?

  2. Ruth says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on London’s Glory. As you say, I’m not quite up-to-date with the series – I’ve just finished Book 10 – am I ok to read all the stories in London’s Glory or are there spoilers? If so, I shall just stroke the lovely cover and look at the pictures ’til I’ve caught up.

  3. Martin Gore says:

    I love that drawing by Keith. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of a fully coloured print produced and being offered sale via this site? I’m sure there would be enough demand for it and other Keith Page B&M prints. Just saying, like 😉 Very excited for The Burning Man and London’s Glory. Got The Sand Men to finish first though and so far so excellent.

  4. keith page says:

    When I have the time I’m going to do some more paintings based on the later books.It was great fun working on the PCU cutaway, Martin.

  5. admin says:

    There are no spoilers in he stories, Ruth – I wrote them as entirely separate stand-alones.

  6. chris hughes says:

    Hoorah! A story to cheer me up on a cold, grey October day…

  7. Dave Skinner says:

    Seeing as they’re so very close to a Tesco Metro, it’s surprising that they run out of tea-making consumables as often as they do.

  8. Helen Martin says:

    Is the Common Room really on the ground floor? I thought it was on the first floor next to the interview room. Small complaint, really small. I, too, would love a copy of that picture, but if that is not to be at least we can have it on the cover.
    Sand Men is getting even better as I go along. I know someone who nursed in Saudi Arabia and a lot of the attitudes expressed so far match with what she told me. Sand Men is set aside for the moment as I was at the library and always read library books first to avoid late fines. As for coming in part way through a series, one of the books I borrowed turns out to be the 6th in a series about the British Civil War. As my husband said, I know how Marston Moor comes out but the fictional character Major Stryker could have anything bar death happen (there are 10 proposed novels) and references to previous fictional events wouldn’t spoil going back to read earlier volumes. Same here only more so.

  9. Mike Brough says:

    Admin, I know it’s your book, but are you sure The Burning Man is out on the 5th? Both Bantam and Amazon are still showing the paperback issue date as 25th February.

    I’m hoping they’re wrong.

  10. Mike Brough says:

    Apparently they were wrong. But Amazon still showing TBM as a February release.

  11. Keith Galliford says:

    Just finished London’s Glory – loved it thanks and yes please would love to see more, particularly the “old” cases which I agree work so well in this format

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