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After November 5th’s ‘Bryant & May: London’s Glory’, a selection of missing cases from the Peculiar Crime Unit’s files, there will be a new novel launching on March 26th 2016 called ‘Bryant & May: Strange Tide’. Here’s the outline…

The river Thames is London’s most important yet neglected artery. When a young woman is found chained to a post in the tide, no-one can understand how she came to be drowned there. At the Peculiar Crimes Unit, Arthur Bryant and John May find themselves dealing with an impossible crime committed in a very public place.

Soon they discover that the river is giving up other victims, but as the investigation extends from the coast of Libya to the nightclubs of North London, it proves as murkily sinister as the Thames itself. That’s only part of the problem; Bryant’s rapidly deteriorating condition prevents him from handling the case, and he is permanently confined to home. To make matters worse, May makes a fatal error of judgement that knocks him out of action and places everyone at risk.

With the embattled PCU staff now forced to work without its two star detectives, the case falters. The only people who can help now are the battery of eccentrics Bryant keeps listed in his diary, but will their arcane knowledge save the day or make matters even worse?

Soon there’s a clear suspect in everyone’s sights – but the one thing that’s missing is any scrap of evidence. As the disastrous investigation comes unstuck, the whole team gets involved in some serious messing about on the river. In an adventure that’s as twisting as the Thames upon which it’s set, what will be left when it’s over?

9 comments on “The Next Bryant & May Novel”

  1. matt says:

    Oh It sounds like another “Dark and twisted Tale” Cannot wait Mr Fowler…..

    BTW Have your read Sharon Bolton, A dark and twisted Tide, I quite liked it. Similar set up to your new book.

  2. admin says:

    I like Sharon’s work so I’ll check it out – ta!

  3. Diogenes says:

    Thank God Bryant is still in the books. I was gutted at the end of The Burning Man. I tend to store up my favourite books to read for times when my mental health is bad and reading it made me feel truly awful.

    There are treatments for dementia, especially at the mild to moderate stages. Cholinesterase inhibitors can improve memory and thinking on a temporary basis and reduce progression in about 50%. I hope Arthur’s doctor prescribes him some soon.

  4. Jo W says:

    Sounds very interesting,Chris. More time to be wished away,until next March….hey ho.

  5. Michelle dempsey says:

    Yippee skippey can’t wait till 5th November and now March for the next instalment,glad to hear Arthur is still with us.

  6. Patricia Penon says:

    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to it.

  7. m says:

    Can’t wait!

  8. linda ayres says:

    So pleased that Arthur is still around,how will Alma cope with him under her feet all day? Who will fetch his sweets? Just wishing the time away

  9. Kay says:

    Sounds like another classic PCU mystery, can’t wait. So glad to hear that Arthur is still going to be around, I too was left desolate as he wandered off into the mist at the end of ‘The Burning Man’. It felt like losing a member of my family after all these years. Here’s hoping for a breakthrough in medical science some time soon.

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