12 Things That Prove The 1970s Are Back

  1. Ken Dodd is still performing in Darlington
  2. Tunnock’s teacakes and Jammy Dodgers as popular as ever
  3. Renzo Piano’s multicoloured building in St Giles looks like that flooring they had in Carnaby Street
  4. Loons, suede bum-freezers, orange makeup and blonde flick-ups are back
  5. Those awful lamps covered in opaque white discs – yep, they’re back too
  6. Cliff Richard Christmas calendar, incoming!
  7. Instagram photos can be tinted to look like your mum’s Polaroids
  8. Chicken Kiev, Vol-au-vents and peppercorn steak are on the menu
  9. Hot theatre ticket in London: Henry V (Sorry, 1970s, I thought you said 1600)
  10. Miguel’s ‘Adorn’ sounds like Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’
  11. 11. Snapchat Discover is bringing back 1970s TV ‘limited choice’ experience
  12. Perspex coffee tables, eye-watering primary-coloured rooms returningHorrible

6 comments on “12 Things That Prove The 1970s Are Back”

  1. Mim says:

    You forgot Poldark!


  2. Rachel Green says:

    and the ‘Dad’s Army’ remake

  3. Alan says:

    Peter Wyngarde. Yes. This is what we want.


  4. keith page says:

    The only thing I miss from the 1970’s is my Rover 3500S

  5. Alan Morgan says:

    My chopper bike. And entirely unrelated many scabs and battered knees.

  6. Helen Martin says:

    The 70s was a difficult decade for me and am glad to have survived it mostly unscathed. I have a few pictures of the clothes of that era and that probably added to the scathing.

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