Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Weird World Of Video Nasties

  There were two separate editions of ‘Film Freak’. The paperback version corrected a couple of minor errors and added another chapter that had needed to be cleared for publication, leading to slightly different versions of the same book. I had wanted to explain more about the rising fear of home video influencing young minds […]

Moving Londoners About

Another day, another poll, but there are some surprises here. Now that London is the 3rd most expensive place on our planet after the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, the things we hate most have appeared in yet another new survey (please tell me when you’re bored with these damned things!). 37.8 per cent of respondents […]

Hello Dali

I once met Salvador Dali. It was – no surprise here – a completely unexpected experience. In the 1970s the great surrealist came to London to arrange for the sale of a set of limited edition etchings based on the travels of Don Quixote. I attended a meeting between him, his UK agent and some […]

A Postcard From…

No post today, I’m in…Sardinia. Let’s just say the wi-fi is unusually difficult to pinpoint where I am, in the hills. I’ll keep trying!  

Taking Theatre To The Streets

Slung Low is a company that makes adventures for audiences outside of conventional theatre spaces, a cutting-edge theatre organisation with a real difference; its productions ramble, crash and (in the case of ‘Moby Dick’) float across the area in and around West Yorkshire and Leeds, with public art, writers’ workshops, classics, interactive and music events that […]

I Knew I’d Seen Him Somewhere Before

The gloves are finally off and people are making fun of Donald Trump’s bizarre looks after he made disparaging comments on Carly Fiornia’s appearance. I think ‘Trump Face’ may become a new world insult. Open Season!  

Britain’s Good And Bad Coastal Towns

I once ran this shot from the film ‘Genevieve’, which shows Madeira Terrace, the unique wrought-iron Victorian glory (the world’s longest) that defined Brighton’s shore. Now after decades of council infighting and neglect it has passed beyond repair – so it is to be torn down. Wherever you live – especially if you don’t live […]

How To Collect Paperbacks

A few years ago I started going  to paperback book fairs, usually held in the basements of unfashionable hotels that smelled of bacon. At one in Victoria I arrived to find I was the only customer in a room of around sixty dealers’ tables. The following year I returned and had to queue for 20 […]

Anthologies VS Collections

Readers have asked me about this a number of times, so here’s an answer to a recurring question: Anthologies are not collections. The former are compilations from a variety of authors under the aegis of an editor who (hopefully) makes an intelligent selection, and the latter stem from a single writer. Collections are less popular […]

Essay: The Spectre Of 007

With the spectre of ‘Spectre’ on the horizon, it’s worth taking a look at the very peculiar world of James Bond in more detail. Bond is the idealised man for a generation of men who missed the war. It is hard to overestimate the effect 007 had on post-war readers and audiences. Here was the […]