Monthly Archives: May 2015

Perry In Seraglio (Part 1 of 2)

As my missing books get digitised this year, I’ll be posting some short stories from them. This is one of my very first tales, taken from ‘City Jitters’. I haven’t read it in decades and have no idea if it’s absolutely terrible or just slightly terrible. Read it by all means, but you have been […]

Dark-Adapted Eyes

With the death of Ruth Rendell, we have lost a giant of the literary crime world. Rendell got her first publishing deal with Hutchinson after after working as a journalist on a local paper, the Chigwell Times. She apparently left the job after writing up a local tennis club dinner  without attending the event; she’d missed […]

Cities Shaped By Hollywood

If history is really just all the things you can remember (cf. ‘1066 And All That’), then our cities reflect an idealised Hollywood version in which the past is merged with fiction. In the 1950s London was still a direct reflection of its books and films (from Dickens to Ealing comedies), but was also shaped […]

Do Fascists Ever Think They’re Wrong?

I took this photograph in the headquarters of the secret police in Budapest. It makes you recall the Mitchell & Webb Nazi sketch; ‘Our caps have got skulls on them. Are we the baddies?’ Don’t Fascists ever wonder if they might be on the wrong side? Dictators come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing […]