I had no idea Eurovision was still going on until that bearded guy in the frock won it; I’d assumed it had died around the time Eric Morley stopped staging Miss World (maybe he hasn’t, I don’t know), but I love it that someone noticed this year’s ghastly Eurovision Song Contest entry from Britain is a note-for-note copy of a 1980s Bird’s Eye Waffle advert, AND that they could then be bothered to create a mash-up of the song and the jingle.

I do have an explanation for this strange homage. Many years ago I worked with a very nice chap, the song’s writer, David Mindel, who used to be in advertising in the 1980s, so it’s a pretty safe bet that he recycled the tune – and why not? Shallow-friend corn starch and pop hits seem to go together perfectly.

In the late sixties there was a craze for this Through-A-Loudhailer type of bouncy ragtime. It turned up on Beatles albums and in Harry Nilsson and Viv Stanshall songs. And now it’s back in what sounds like a song cut from ‘Bugsy Malone’. The vide is equally give-up-the-ghost. They’ve thought, ‘Ooh, what’s left in London that’s 1920s and quite cheap to shoot in?’ Yes, it’s the Cafe De Paris again.

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  1. Rachel Green says:

    …which is kind of fitting, really, because potato waffles were pretty awful too.

  2. C Falconer says:

    I heard about 20 seconds of this and thought : aha! they’re going the Father Ted route of submitting something so terrible it will never win as we don’t have any money for next year’s….

    Eric Morley died I believe but his widow (Julia?) is still involved. I am ashamed – and puzzled – as to how I know this

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Wasn’t it Cab Calloway who used the megaphone thing? No, someone else —. Blast, I’ll have to go looking. If I’d been a judge on this contest my reaction would have been “Whaaa? It doesn’t make sense.
    BTW, would potato waffles have been gluten free? Just asking.

  4. Wayne Mook says:

    Admin are you saying you missed the winners of a few years ago Lordi? Eurovision has been a surreal madness, what other show would feature a singing act complete with trampolines.

    It was odd to see Russia being booed because what was happening Ukraine.


  5. George Mealor says:

    Helen: you might be thinking of Rudy Vallée.

  6. Helen Martin says:

    Yes, of course, George. Thank you.

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