Mind The Doors!



Remembered when they carved up London’s grand old cinemas into nasty little boxes and stuck Michael Bay films in all of them? There’s a bit of a reverse trend going on around the country at the moment. The Curzon Group is expanding its empire of high quality screens across the nation, and has reopened London’s old Renoir cinema as the Curzon Bloomsbury, with six screens, including one dedicated exclusively to documentaries. They’re keen to find films that don’t have distribution and that they can bring to the public.

Kicking off the new cinema complex is a host of auteur masterpieces from ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ to ‘Orlando’ and ‘Blade Runner: The Final Cut’. Meanwhile, Secret Cinema, an organisation I always thought sounded more exciting than it actually was, is in trouble for gouging audiences out of £75 a ticket for an upcoming ‘Star Wars’ sequel screening. I wouldn’t pay that for extra dry ice and some out-of-work actors running around in cloaks.

Whereas new site-specific cinemas are offering much better deals; the tunnel at The Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe is playing host to Travelling Film Show’s screening of the much-loved British horror film ‘Death Line’.  The tunnel is pretty spooky at the best of times, so this will be fun. I’ll be there, just to remind myself how bad the fashions and haircuts were in the seventies. Afghan jackets! Boufant dos!  Tickets are £18 which includes a free cocktail from Midnight Apothecary, from here.

5 comments on “Mind The Doors!”

  1. Jo W says:

    Oh,Admin. Saw your info about this on twitter?last week and sighed (deeply). I don’t get out usually on a weekend,except of course,this one. I’m down for a dinner/dance Saturday night at ‘im indoors bowls club(oh joy!). I already know where I’d rather be……….although,thinking it through, the two things will not be dissimilar!😊😊

  2. Mary says:

    I recall being taken to a small cinema in Richmond on Thames called the Gaumont. My mother took me to see ‘Wild Strawberries’. I was too young and didn’t understand it. A big foul smelling man stubbed his cigarette out on my knee…absolute agony. I retuned to the Gaumont many times and had a wonderful time. Can’t say I’m too keen on the multi screen creations.

  3. Vivienne says:

    Booked! Have been to the tunnel on an open day, and Donald Pleasance in the dark sounds too good to miss.

  4. admin says:

    Cool – see you there!

  5. John Griffin says:

    I had a very nice Afghan coat. Think it ran off sometime in the mid-70s.

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